Pro-Israel activist muses about shooting Rashida Tlaib during an X Spaces

Pro-Israel activist muses about shooting Rep. Rashida Tlaib on X Spaces: ‘You need to do it from far away’

The progressive lawmaker has been an outspoken critic of Israel.

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rashida tlaib protest

‘Never forget the 10/18 insurrection’: Rep. Rashida Tlaib incited new Capitol riot with Gaza hospital tweet, far-right claim

‘We must create the October 18th Committee and hold these domestic extremists accountable!’

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Video resurfaces of Marjorie Taylor Greene wanting Muslim congresswomen to retake oaths on Bible

‘We’re going to explain about how you can’t swear in on the Quran.’

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rashida tlaib and jake tapper

Jake Tapper tweets accusation of anti-Semitism at Muslim congresswoman

Tapper and Tlaib have history of accusing each other of bigotry.

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Detroit Police Run Over Protesters

Video shows Detroit police cruiser driving into protesters

The video sparked a response from Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib protests working conditions Delta Airlines

Rashida Tlaib detained during protests over airline work conditions

The congresswoman was briefly detained during the protests.

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ilhan omar 911

Conservatives are tagging Ilhan Omar in their 9/11 tweets

Elected officials are being peppered with anti-Muslim tweets.

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Sanders says Israel should stop taking America’s money if it won’t let Tlaib, Omar visit

He also wants peace in the Middle East.

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rashida tlaib

Israel ends speculation by banning Omar and Tlaib from visiting

Trump supports the decision.

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Not even anti-immigrant groups are defending Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets

Too basic for even his base.

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trump apology

Trump demands apology after his racist tweets

He feels aggrieved.

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Trump tells 4 congresswomen of color to go back to the countries they came from

All four women are Americans and three of them are U.S.-born.

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katrina pierson somali palestinian

Literally everything in Katrina Pierson’s tweet about Palestine is wrong

She can’t really be that ignorant, can she?

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rashida tlaib

Right-wing petition wants Rashida Tlaib impeached—here’s why that won’t happen

Members of Congress aren’t impeached.

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rashida tlaib marco rubio

Marco Rubio accuses Rashida Tlaib of making anti-Semitic remarks

It’s the second time in days Republicans are mad she’s speaking her mind.

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