Justin Trudeau and Son

‘I knew he was going to come out’: Right-wing operative suggests Justin Trudeau is gay for taking his son to ‘Barbie’

Spracklen, a former Project Veritas employee, has made repeated homophobic posts about Trudeau.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Project Veritas' New CEO, Hannah Giles

Project Veritas’ new CEO got her start as James O’Keefe’s ‘prostitute’

Hannah Giles made her name by taking down an organization that helped the poor.

On by Claire Goforth

James O'Keefe speaking into microphone in front of dark blue and red background

James O’Keefe’s new media venture is a crowdsourced Project Veritas—equipped with cheap Amazon spy cameras

O’Keefe said he’s already recruited at least 20 people.

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james o'keefe

Project Veritas bleeds followers online in wake of James O’Keefe’s resignation

‘James was the ONLY reason I followed you so I guess I will be following him somewhere else.’

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‘I feel the same as Steve Jobs’: James O’Keefe resigns from Project Veritas after board suspends him

The future for both O’Keefe and the organization is uncertain.

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James O'Keefe speaking at libertarian conference

‘If James goes, my $5/mo will follow’: Project Veritas fans threaten to withhold donations after James O’Keefe suspended

They blame the deep state.

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James O'Keefe

ACLU stands up for Project Veritas after FBI raid

The left-leaning organization released a statement blasting FBI raid on James O’Keefe.

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Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe

FBI raids Project Veritas over possession of Biden daughter’s diary

A far-right website which published the diary says it did so after receiving it from a Project Veritas employee.

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Young woman in green shirt with microphones

Right-wingers say TikTok is deleting their videos about big tech censorship

Media Research Center says TikTok deleted its video repeating Project Veritas’ anti-vax claims.

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James O'Keefe with email on screen

Right-wing sting artist James O’Keefe says hackers scammed his Project Veritas out of $165,000

The hack appears to be what is known as a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack.

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‘Fox Corp. has been muzzling me’: Reporter boasts she’s leaking to Project Veritas on live broadcast

‘I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox.’

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james o keefe in front of cnn building with screen shot of twitter supsension

James O’Keefe suspended from Twitter

The platform says O’Keefe violated its rules regarding ‘platform manipulation and spam.’

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James O'Keefe points at a framed newspaper article.

Are Project Veritas employees required to poop backwards?

This is so confusing.

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james okeefe project veritas

Project Veritas gets kicked off Twitter after Facebook exposé

Founder James O’Keefe’s account is reportedly locked.

On by Zachary Petrizzo

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Why do so many of Project Veritas’ right-wing ‘whistleblowers’ land GoFundMe paydays?

A curious pattern follows the people the organization touts as ‘insiders.’

On by David Covucci, Zachary Petrizzo

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