EU Flag(l), Yulia Navalnaya(c), X logo(r)

X claims it doesn’t automate content moderation in Europe—so why did it hint that’s why Navalny’s wife was banned?

X claimed she was flagged by a 'platform defense mechanism.'

On Feb 20, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Meta sign hanging

Moderators in Africa win victory over Meta, as layoffs temporarily blocked

Moderators worked for a third-party contractors and alleged unlawful conditions.

On Mar 21, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

person with Trollface mask removes posts from a forum while stepping on a short ladder

Why redditors are rising up to take down one of the site’s top mods

They succeeded in having the mod banned from one sub.

On Aug 2, 2021 by Claire Goforth

YouTube content moderator lawsuit

Former YouTube moderator sues after developing PTSD symptoms

The plaintiff is being represented by a law firm that filed a similar lawsuit against Facebook.

On Sep 22, 2020 by Libby Cohen

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People have much love for the all-women moderator panel at the presidential debate

It's the third time in history.

On Nov 20, 2019 by Claire Goforth

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Reddit announces new moderation rules to tackle abuse and bullying

The change to Reddit’s policies against harassment and bullying is a landmark.

On Oct 1, 2019 by Matthew Hughes

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Petition asks for a woman to moderate a presidential debate

It's been 24 years since that's happened.

On Sep 22, 2016 by April Siese

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Killing Reddit’s most hateful subreddits won’t exterminate its troll problem

They never truly disappear, no matter how hard we try.

On Jul 21, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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Reddit CEO apologizes for ‘long history of mistakes’

'We haven't communicated well,' she said, 'and we have surprised moderators and the community with big changes.'

On Jul 6, 2015 by William Turton

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We’re all Internet trolls now

Social media doesn't change human nature.

On Jun 22, 2015 by Gillian Branstetter

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7 reasons Twitter won’t fix its revenge porn problem

If only eradicating revenge porn was as easy as telling people not to post it.

On Mar 16, 2015 by S.E. Smith

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Last night’s botched political debate is Florida in a nutshell

Florida's Republican governor was no fan of his opponent's last-minute debate aid.

On Oct 16, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Should Reddit’s hardest workers—its volunteers—get paid?

Moderators are gatekeepers, peacekeepers, and curators—Reddit’s hardest workers. Is it time for them to become more than volunteers?

On Jun 23, 2014 by Fernando Alfonso III

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Reddit uproar over ‘Cute Female Corpses’ community

Here comes another downvote brigade. 

On May 18, 2014 by Cooper Fleishman

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Drama erupts on Reddit over gun community’s pothead ban

The ultimate battle of left vs. right is taking place on Reddit.

On May 6, 2014 by Fernando Alfonso III