jan 6 capitol riot oath keepers

Oath Keepers founder, others convicted of sedition for role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs were found guilty.

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Oath Keepers logo over Thin Blue Line Wavy American Flag in Support of Police and Law Enforcement

At least 80 politicians were in leaked Oath Keeper membership list

81 individuals in the leak were either running for or had served in public office as of early last month.

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capitol rioters

Accused Capitol rioter, militia member believed cops who briefed armed right-wingers before Jan. 6 would keep him out of jail

He was wrong.

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A group of protesters on Jan. 6

Proud Boys, Oath Keepers sued by D.C. over role in Capitol riot

‘We’re holding these insurrectionists accountable for conspiring to terrorize the District…’

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Two men looking off camera.

Why did Facebook delete the records of a militia that it banned following a shooting?

The Facebook Papers demonstrate it’s aware of such groups’ propensity for violence.

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Plastic army toys.

Exclusive: Oath Keepers leak includes 160 U.S. military, government email addresses

The controversial militia’s membership list was leaked online after an alleged hack.

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Far-right militia Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes

Data from Oath Keepers leaked online after alleged hack

The breach includes emails, chat logs, and details on members and donors.

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Golf carts on a city road.

Far-right militia mocked for traveling to Capitol riot in golf carts

Indictment says Oath Keepers stormed Capitol ‘grand theft auto golf cart’ style.

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andrew selph in military dress uniform

Is a branch of the pro-insurrection Oath Keepers run by this Air Force master sergeant?

The 20-year military veteran’s ties raise questions.

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Cully Pratt posing with Three Percenter imagery - Chris Pratt brother

Chris Pratt’s brother linked to extreme far-right militant group

Daniel ‘Cully’ Pratt has expressed support for the Three Percenters on social media.

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Lauren Boebert

Is this QAnon-touting member of Congress also part of a militia?

Boebert has been tied to III Percenters and Oath Keepers for years.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg blames ‘operational mistake’ for not removing Kenosha militia page

Critics argue the platform is not doing enough following the killing of two protesters.

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'armed citizens to protect our lives and property' facebook event

Facebook removes Kenosha Guard, militia associated with last night’s protest shooting

Alleged shooter’s page has also been deleted.

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Facebook on a web browser

Facebook says it will try and stop the spread of QAnon on its platforms

Facebook has been playing whack-a-mole with QAnon.

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Homepage article image

Militia group involved in New Mexico protest shooting claims deep ties with police

They’ve deleted the page. But screenshots are forever.

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