man speaking inside finger up caption '5 things I would never do (Corporate America edition)' (l) American flag in city (corporate America concept) (c) man speaking inside finger up caption '5 things I would never do (Corporate America edition)' (r)

‘Your one mistake is equivalent to 6 of their mistakes’: Manager shares 5 things to never do if you’re Black in corporate America

'Being Black in corporate has a long list of things not to do.'

On Jul 29, 2022 by Moises Mendez II

Man making distressed face sitting in school (l) woman staring at cameraman through glass office (c) Man sitting in school showing his ID badge that is clipped to his shirt (r)

‘The micro-aggressions!’: Black substitute teacher says teachers at predominantly white school assumed he was not supposed to be there

'You didn't owe them anything.'

On May 28, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

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Delivery driver tells Black customer their ‘name is so white’ in viral video

'I love a company with accountability!'

On Apr 3, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

'Be Colorblind' stickers

‘This went through multiple people’: Worker shows ‘Be Colorblind’ stickers sold at Dollar Tree in viral TikTok, sparking debate

'At this point, you don't get to just claim ignorance.'

On Feb 12, 2022 by Dana Ysabel Dela Cruz

SJ Son acts out an example of racism she faces in the Quiet Tiny Asian YouTube Series.

Here’s what it’s like to be a ‘Quiet Tiny Asian’ every single day

A new YouTube show challenges the way we talk about Asian-American women.

On Mar 5, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

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4 girls tired of the same racist question dropped a hilarious yearbook quote

They're sick of hearing this.

On Feb 3, 2016 by Feliks Garcia

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Shaun King isn’t the second coming of Rachel Dolezal

This is what happens when you follow Breitbart logic on race.

On Aug 20, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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We’re having the wrong conversation about Charleston and mental health

There's a entire community being ignored—and it matters.

On Jun 25, 2015 by Derrick Clifton

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What’s behind the backlash against ‘over-sensitivity’ on the Internet?

Don't worry: Trigger warnings aren't here to ruin your Greek myths.

On May 18, 2015 by Miri Mogilevsky

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What an embarrassing mistake tells us about how we perceive race

Nancy Giles made a stupid mistake on national TV. But I almost don’t blame her.

On Mar 24, 2015 by [email protected]

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Navigating tech as a trans black man

It is bigger than microaggressions.

On Aug 21, 2014 by [email protected]