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Man on ground being helped(l), Protesters(r)

Elderly Jewish man dies of injuries during altercation at pro-Palestine protest—sparking accusations as police hunt for suspect

Tensions run high as people wait for more information

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LAPD Ford Taurus police car parked in road

‘A new low’: Los Angeles files suit against anti-police surveillance organization for posting lawfully obtained public records

The journalist behind the request said the city was doing the police union’s ‘dirty work.’

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chef in Erewhon grocery store speaking caption 'How Much Does It Cost To Restock A Pantry At Erewhon?' (l) Erewhon checkout with total on screen at '$3,515.09' caption 'How Much Does It Cost To Restock A Pantry At Erewhon' (c) chef in Erewhon grocery store speaking caption 'How Much Does It Cost To Restock A Pantry At Erewhon?' (r)

‘That is more than I make in a month’: Private chef spends over $3,500 on groceries at Erewhon for client, sparking debate

‘I’m crying in poor people.’

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Police officer outside pointing to curb (l) Curb with trash cans outside filled with personal belongings and yellow suitcase (c) Police officer at doorstep speaking (r)

‘The law is on my side’: Woman says landlord threw away her stuff and changed the locks despite paying rent

‘I was a legal tenant there & he changed the locks, broke into my room, stole & damaged my things.’

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sixth street viaduct bridge LA

Drag races, proposals, even a quinceañera: Social media stunts keep closing Los Angeles’ brand-new $588 million bridge

‘My daughter saw it on TikTok.’

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person ringing Airbnb doorbell (l) person holding card with number blurred on it and Airbnb logo above head (c) person upset speaking (r)

‘She scammed me’: TikToker says Airbnb host wouldn’t let him in unit without paying an additional $5000, after paying through Zelle

‘Never agree to send money off the app.’

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hand holding broken cane (l) young woman in airport (c) broken cane on bench (r)

‘You’re essentially breaking our legs, breaking our arms’: Disabled TikToker says the TSA broke her cane at airport

‘I knew that this would happen to me eventually, because it happens to friends of mine every f*cking day’

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LAPD on highway in riot gear (l) Jodie Sweetin (c) woman pushed to ground being helped up by protestors (r)

‘Full House’ star Jodie Sweetin shoved to the ground by police at L.A. protest

Sweetin joined pro-choice protesters rallying against the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade.

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Man greenscreen TikTok pointing to image of street and restaurant caption 'Storytime?' (l) Man speaking hand on mouth caption 'I'll make a apart 2 and storytime!' (c) man greenscreen TikTok open mouth shocked over image of map tracking phone caption 'PART 3 PLEEEEEEEEASE' (r)

‘This is way more organized than you think’: TikToker warns against West Hollywood pickpocket after phone was stolen during Pride event

‘It’s so sad and frustrating that every time I go to WeHo I have to figure out how to hide everything I own on my body.’

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woman speaking hands moving (l) people looking over contract on white table with house toy and silver keys (c) woman speaking finger on head(r)

‘They tried to play ya girl’: California tenant says landlord tried to increase rent before her lease ends (updated)

‘They got caught.’

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woman dancing at baseball game

‘The lady is pretty so Karens start complaining’: Woman allegedly gets escorted out of baseball game after dancing in front of crowd, having accidental nip slip

‘It’s a baseball game not a funeral.’

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Pot with paper burning cooking a pan of steak over sewer caption 'to the homeless man that cooked me steak over a sewer in LA' (l) Woman pointing to homeless man caption'to the homeless man that cooked me steak over a sewer in LA' (c) Man holding pan of steak with homeless man next to him caption 'to the homeless man that cooked me steak over a sewer in LA' (r)

‘My toxic trait is that I wouldn’t eat it’: A homeless man cooked a woman a steak over a sewer, and TikTok has thoughts

‘Chivalry isn’t dead.’

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hand giving thumbs-up to man in upper story of wooden/cardboard structure

‘#ThisIsAmerica’: Man waves from his 2-story ‘cardboard condo’ in viral TikTok

‘That sh*t’s hard, homie!’

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Homepage article image

Influencer shuts down viral TikTok claiming people had to show follower count to get into her party

‘I was trying to let my friends in. Not all the randoms that showed up…’

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