Amazon customer shares hack for getting free Kindle books without Kindle Unlimited subscription

‘I got like 200 books the last time’: Amazon customer shares hack for getting free Kindle books without Kindle Unlimited subscription

'I put an alarm on my phone this time so I don't miss it.'

On Sep 16, 2023 by Brooke Sjoberg

woman showing Kindle from thrift store (l&r) woman pointing to dm's (c)

‘Amazon just wants me to throw this away’: Customer finds Kindle in perfect condition at Goodwill. It’s unusable

'Jeff Bezos doesn't want you to get your Kindle back.'

On Aug 8, 2023 by Braden Bjella

Amazon Kindle eBook listing 'URGENT CHARACTER NAME: URGENT CHARACTER NAME' with image of book cover

Amazon’s ebook charts are full of AI-generated spam

Authors are concerned that AI-generated ebooks may be gaming the system on Kindle Unlimited.

On Jun 28, 2023 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

hands holding kindle

Are people returning e-books because of TikTok?

According to some authors, Amazon charges them for e-book returns.

On Jun 6, 2022 by Michelle Jaworski

Three coronavirus-related book from Amazon

Amazon ebooks about coronavirus are flooding the market—and they’re entirely unvetted

Don't trust the ebook market right now.

On Mar 11, 2020 by Mike Rothschild

kindle unlimited price

Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for $1 during the month of May

Read your heart out.

On May 2, 2019 by Marisa Losciale

audible membership

Delight the bookworms in your life with an Audible membership

Know someone who's impossible to shop for? You can't go wrong with an Audible membership.

On Nov 1, 2018 by Marisa Losciale

kindle books

Here are the best books for your brand new Kindle

Or just any Kindle owner, really.

On Dec 26, 2017 by Marisa Losciale

Amazon Kindle Voyage family

Weep for American literacy as you read about the most popular Kindle books of all time

How many of these can you guess?

On Nov 15, 2017 by Christina Bonnington

Kindle with Halloween cookies

Reread your fave horror novels with $30 off a Kindle, today only

Creep yourself out before bedtime.

On Oct 25, 2017 by Colette Bennett

kindle 10th anniversary sale

Amazon is celebrating Kindle’s 10th anniversary with $30 off

Books are on sale too!

On Oct 23, 2017 by Jaime Carrillo

Prime Student

Get $30 off Kindle with a subscription to Amazon Prime Student

Feed your head without emptying your wallet.

On Aug 1, 2017 by Jaime Carrillo

Homepage article image

If you couldn’t stop watching ’13 Reasons Why,’ check out these YA best sellers

A guaranteed way to get into your feels.

On Apr 5, 2017 by Amanda Booth

Homepage article image

Catch Amazon’s discounts on Kindle models while it lasts

Read your heart out.

On Feb 7, 2017 by Colette Bennett

Homepage article image

Stock up on feel-good Kindle books for up to 85 percent off today

Start the year on a positive note.

On Jan 6, 2017 by Colette Bennett