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The Kindle girlie aesthetic is dominating BookTok—here’s what you need to know about it

Reading has never been cuter.


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For the Kindle girlie, there’s nothing more satisfying than plastering a plain e-reader with cute stickers and mementos. Even when you’re not holding a physical book, you can make the reading experience extra special by decorating your Kindle to your heart’s desire. 

With all of the beautiful Kindle customizing possibilities out there, it’s easy to see why so many BookTokers are now entering their Kindle girl era.

What is a Kindle girlie? 

First released in 2007, the Kindle, if you didn’t already know, is Amazon’s e-reader. There’s a lot to appreciate about the Kindle, even if you may have misgivings about Amazon itself. Instead of lugging around heavy books, voracious readers can now download thousands of books into a compact device. The Kindle also makes it incredibly easy to highlight passages and change the reading font — plus, many Kindle fans love how easy the e-ink screen is on the eyes.

As you may have already guessed, Kindle girlies are readers who simply love their Kindles. They’re typically active on Booksta and BookTok, eager to bond with fellow bibliophiles over their current reads and to-be-read lists. They’ll often share their Kindle tips and hacks on their platforms, too — for example, did you know that you can extend the life of a digital library loan by putting your Kindle on airplane mode?!

@pixlperfectco Never thought this day would come but I’m now a kindle girlie!!🤗💓📚✨ #kindle #booktok ♬ Devil Doesn’t Bargain – Alec Benjamin

But the most distinct thing about the Kindle girlies is their love for decorating their Kindles. A standard Kindle girlie setup usually involves a plain clear case with stickers and mementos layered underneath. Charms, PopSockets, and protective pouches are completely optional, but they’re more than welcome.  

TikTok user KCs.BooksNThings (@kcs.booksnthings) has some great tips for those just starting their Kindle girl era.

@kcs.booksnthings If you are thinking about buying a kindle paperwhite heres the tea👀👀 #kindlepaperwhite #kindlegirlie ♬ original sound – KCs.BooksNThings

“If you want to be prepared, I would order the Kindle accessories before you get the Kindle,” the creator noted, recommending RedBubble and Etsy as go-to places for stickers.

What is the Kindle girlie aesthetic? 

The concept of decorating an e-reader isn’t new, per se, but the Kindle girlies have spearheaded an entire aesthetic, so it’s definitely worth noting their contributions to online book culture. If you’ve been poking around BookTok long enough, you’ll notice a particular style. Think of it as an evolution of the VSCO girl — the average Kindle girlie look is decidedly cozy and laid-back, awash in various shades of millennial and Barbie pink. You’ll often find stickers of cheeky quotes, pop lyrics, and, naturally, bookish memes.  

Here’s a pretty standard Kindle girlie example from Savannah Alexander, who’s best known for being half of the TikTok account @joshandsav.


send book recs pleaseeeee

♬ original sound – joshandsav

Of course, the point of being a Kindle girlie is to have fun personalizing your e-reader. Don’t be afraid to decorate your Kindle to your personal taste!

Kindle girlie examples 

If you’ve just entered your Kindle girl era, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best Kindle girlie inspiration out there.


KINDLE TOUR 📚 dont say anything about my missing smoke detector

♬ original sound – Selena
@taylorkhinojosa decorate my kindle with me 📖🎀🍒🧺💗 inspo: @Monica 🫶🏽 #kindle #kindlebasic #kindleaccessories #decoratemykindle #kindlestickers #kindlegirlie #booktok #girlyaesthetic ♬ Birds of a feather – 𝖒𝖊𝖌𝖆 𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖌
@readbykaleigh finally decorated my kindle and there’s no looking back 📖🎀 #booktok #kindle #kindledecorating #decoratemykindlewithme #kindlegirlie #coquette #aesthetic #readbykaleigh ♬ original sound – Danni
@literallycatherine_ i’ve been converted to the dark side and i think i like it here 😏 #booktok #blackbooktoker #booklover #kindlepaperwhite #decoratemykindle #kindle #kindledecorating #kindledecor #kindlestickers #kindleskin ♬ espresso sabrina – celebs media
@nadismit ASMR kindle refresh 🦋 the pink was feeling a bit too girly pop for me 😅 linx to everything in my b!0 under ‘kindle & accessories’ 🫶🏼 #unboxingasmr #techasmr #kindledecor #kindleaccessories #kindleskin ♬ original sound – •nadia•
@litwaklibrary 🌸Kindle Skin Tutorial 🌸 A kinda sorta kindle skin tutorial…but really it’s just me talking through my process 😅🤪 Does anyone else frequently update their kindle skin? I like to keep my kindle festive & seasonal 💖 • • • • • 🏷️ #kindleskin #kindleaesthetic #cozyreading #decoratemykindle #kindlegirlie #applicationtips #booklover #bookstagram #bookcozy #bookcommunity #kindle ♬ dance the night away sped – ⭐️
@unawallflower Redecorating my kindle 🌿 I love being a kindle girlie now 🥹 #prideandprejudice #kindle #asmr #asmrsounds #aesthetic #kindledecorating #decorating #sonnyangel #booktok ♬ sonido original – emiliapfilms
@vickisylvia lazy hands-free kindle girlies unite 💆🏼‍♀️ the way this set up has changed my life lol 🙏 #bookgirlies #ereader #booktokcanada #kindlegirlie #kindleunlimited #kindlesetup #pageturner ♬ Give Me Everything (Stripped Down) – Archer Marsh
@aprillenicole Finally I got my Kindle upgrade! I’ve been eying this for the longest and it’s so pretty! The accesories came in a little late so here’s the final touches.. #kindle #kindlepaperwhite #kindledecorating #booktok #bookish #kindlegirlie ♬ origineel geluid – hanna
@gamergirlgale I finally caved and bought a secondhand kindle oasis 🥺 I am SO obsessed with it, I think I love it more than my kindle paperwhite 🙈 of course I had to decorate it with cute bookish stickers and OF COURSE I placed them upside down 😌 #kindle #kindleoasis #kindledecorating #kindlestickers #kindlerefresh #kindlegirlie #bookishtiktok #kindlepaperwhite ♬ Being a Girl – Jonica
@jayemslibrary Replying to @GirlWithABrokenSmile Kindle Decor 🖤 I was going for a cottagecore theme but idk 😊 #kindledecor #kindledecorating #kindlestickers #fyp #booktok #kindlegirlie #bookworm #decoratewithme #kindlepaperwhite #kindle #journalwithme #scrapbookingideas ♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

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