Amazon customer shares hack for getting free Kindle books without Kindle Unlimited subscription

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‘I got like 200 books the last time’: Amazon customer shares hack for getting free Kindle books without Kindle Unlimited subscription

‘I put an alarm on my phone this time so I don’t miss it.’


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Avid readers know the feeling—after spending days or even weeks on a book, being left with nothing new to read can leave folks feeling like they need a quick trip to the library or their local bookstore.

An upcoming opportunity for e-readers will allow book lovers to effectively “stuff” their Kindles or other e-readers with free romance literature.

Four times a year, romance writers and publishers organize an event on Amazon to bring hundreds of books to readers for free with the click of a button. The Stuff Your Kindle Day event has been heavily advertised by bookish content creators.

Ahead of the next Kindle stuffing event set for Sept. 20, 2023, bookish TikToker @probablyoffreading has shared a step-by-step tutorial to help readers find free books on this day.

“These are very different from Kindle Unlimited,” she says in the video. “With Kindle Unlimited, they only let you borrow 20 books to have in your library at one time, whereas with Stuff Your Kindle Day, a lot of books are put down to zero dollars, so you buy them for zero dollars and they’re yours to keep for as long as you want.”

First, @probablyoffreading instructs viewers to log into their Amazon account and go to the all books section of the website—not just the Kindle book section. From there, readers can select the format of the book—Kindle editions—and select a category to view books. In the tutorial, @probablyoffreading selects the romance genre, then the fantasy subgenre, and sorts the results from low to high price range.

“Now you can see that Kindle is zero dollars to purchase, so let’s click on this,” she says. “Look at that. Buy now with one click.”

@probablyoffreading Replying to @totogutie7 I hope this tutorial helps 🫶 its the tutorial I did for the last Stuff Your Kindle Day so just remember these aren't available right now but it will be on the 20th! 🤩 I'm so excited! #booktok #fyp #stuffyourkindle #stuffyourkindleday #stuffyourkindleday2023 #books #Kindle #bookworm #booktokfyp #kindleday #booktokpsa #kindledarkromance #kindle #trending #booktokpsa ♬ original sound – Probably Off Reading 🥰

Several viewers shared that they have participated in past events and were able to download “hundreds” of book titles, although the quality of some was less than satisfactory.

“Last time I downloaded around 150 and have read 2 since,” one commenter wrote. “But of course I’ll be there again lol.”

“I got like 200 books the last time… I still have plenty to read,” another user said. “But yeah so going to get sooo many more.”

“Last time like june/july I managed to snag over 300 books,” one viewer echoed. “Only got 4 read tho.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @probablyoffreading via email regarding the video.

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