Hunter Biden laptop hearing Mr. Baker Ms.Gadde Mr.Roth and Ms.Navaroli speaking at table

COVID vaccines, Russian bots, and Chrissy Teigen: Republicans’ big Hunter Biden laptop hearing went immediately off the rails

'It's just an abuse of public resources and abuse of public time.'

On Feb 8, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

rick scott on Fox News

Rick Scott wants Americans to be mad about Twitter censoring Hunter Biden’s nudes

The Florida senator said Twitter was 'stopping freedom of speech.'

On Dec 6, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

President Joe Biden holding up his arms while sitting in the Oval Office.

‘Talking about Biden’s package again’: Republicans inundated with dick jokes as they declare Joe Biden to be the ‘BIG GUY’

It's 2020 all over again.

On Nov 17, 2022 by Claire Goforth

Hunter Biden over 4chan background

4chan explodes after user allegedly cracks Hunter Biden’s iCloud

'voice mails, videos, voice recordings, pictures etc of Joe.'

On Jul 11, 2022 by David Covucci

Joe Biden (l) Nina Jankowicz (r)

Old tweets from Biden’s new disinformation czar get flagged by conservatives for pushing disinfo

It involves Hunter Biden's laptop.

On Apr 28, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

twitter and facebook logos in book (l) Hunter Biden from interview (r)

Republicans want to investigate Twitter, Facebook over Hunter Biden laptop story

'This irresponsible conduct demands a thorough investigation.'

On Mar 31, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Hunter Biden

Conservatives dig at media, big tech after report confirms existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop

They brought receipts.

On Mar 17, 2022 by Claire Goforth

Homepage article image

Right-wing media tried to shame Hunter Biden with graphic threesome images—but everyone noticed Squirtle instead

Thee beloved Pokémon character will never unsee this.

On Apr 9, 2021 by Claire Goforth

Lena Dunham and Hunter Biden

Lena Dunham openly fantasizes about being Hunter Biden’s wife, gets reminded ‘he’s married’

'You know it’s ok not to broadcast every thought via Twitter.'

On Jan 23, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Aubrey O'Day roasts Trump Jr. for motel rant

Trump Jr’s ex-mistress roasts him after he posts incoherent rant from motel


On Dec 16, 2020 by Bryan Rolli

hunter biden dnc

Hunter Biden shows that QAnon will never really die

After trying to 'Pizzagate' Hunter Biden, the right is going. full. Q.

On Oct 30, 2020 by David Covucci