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‘Doesn’t take a rocket scientist’: Hunter Biden facing online blame for White House coke scandal

As conservatives blame Hunter, some progressives say a false flag or Don Jr. is responsible.


Mikael Thalen


Conservatives are blaming Hunter Biden after a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine was discovered on Sunday in the West Wing of the White House.

The discovery, which led to a temporary evacuation, saw a Hazmat team and first responders reportedly descend onto the residence’s library in order to investigate the unknown item.

A field test, according to a dispatch call made by a firefighter on scene, later determined the substance was cocaine. Further analysis of the powder will be needed to confirm the initial findings.

The New York Post claims that sources familiar with the incident alleged that the substance was actually located during a routine sweep by a Secret Service agent “in a holding area in the West Wing that is accessible to both White House staff and guests.”

At the time of the discovery, both President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, whose past struggles with cocaine are well known, were visiting Camp David. Hunter’s documented history with drug abuse led conservatives to set their sights on the president’s son.

“Hunter is a coke head. Hunter can enter the White House w/ fewer security precautions than other visitors,” the popular Twitter user DC_Draino wrote. “He just left w/Joe Biden for Camp David this weekend. The coke was found this wknd. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here.”

Hunter has continually drawn the ire of conservatives, who feel his status as the president’s son has shielded him from liability. Just last month, Hunter received probation after being charged with federal tax crimes and possession of a firearm by a person who is a user or addict of illegal drugs.

The White House discovery also led to jokes and mockery from the president’s political foes.

“How pissed was Hunter when he got to Camp David and realized he left his coke back at the WH? You know he tried to have the SS fly back to retrieve it,” one user quipped.

But it wasn’t just conservatives joining in on the discourse. Left-leaning Twitter users even began suggesting that a conspiracy had taken place in order to frame the president’s son.

“These desperate BASTARDS are now planting drugs in the White House!” one user tweeted. “This is so blatantly obvious it should embarrass Repubs. You know this was purposely done b/c they can’t get media to report Biden crime fam lies. Next up, Comer/Jim gaslighting an investigation on coke & Hunter.”

Some even attempted to claim that cocaine had been left behind years prior by former President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., who has long been accused of drug abuse by progressives.

“Cocaine found in the West Wing at the White House is a bigger issue to MAGAts than top secret classified military and nuclear documents found at Mar-a-Lago,” another user added. “Go figure. For all we know if those Secret Service are from Trump’s time, they planted the coke. Or Don Jr left it there.”

Right-wing users concocted conspiracy theories of their own as well. Conservative radio host Wayne Root instead blamed the president, suggesting that Biden might be using cocaine before public appearances.

“Everyone instantly assumes it was Hunter’s coke. But what if it was Joe’s?” he asked. “What if they’re injecting Joe, or Joe is snorting coke to give the feeble old man a spark before speeches or interviews?”

In reality, no publicly available evidence at this time points to any one figure being responsible. Whether an investigation reveals who was responsible remains to be seen.

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