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Police say this popular Instagrammer was under the influence in deadly car crash

Police said she admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana before driving.

On Aug 26, 2018 by Ellen Ioanes

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw mugshot

Woman tells officer she shouldn’t be arrested because she’s a ‘thoroughbred white girl’

The police were not convinced.

On Aug 9, 2018 by Alex Dalbey

Jacqueline Sanchez livestream car crash

Teen livestreams car accident that kills her 14-year-old sister

‘I f**king killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life.’

On Jul 24, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

tiger woods dui

Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charges

Another holiday ruined for Tiger Woods.

On May 29, 2017 by Sarah Weber

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Woman brags about making phony 911 call so she could drive home drunk

This was not smart, to say the least.

On Nov 23, 2015 by Josh Katzowitz

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Secret Service agents disrupt White House bomb investigation

This is almost comically absurd.

On Mar 12, 2015 by Eric Geller

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No jail time for cop who stole and shared suspects’ nudes

Sean Harrington thought of his porn ring as a “game.”

On Jan 28, 2015 by Miles Klee

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Kentucky politician tries to escape DUI charges by citing state constitution

Maybe it’s time for an amendment.

On Jan 23, 2015 by Tim Sampson

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Florida cop run over by panicked woman he’d stopped for DUI

Inebriated driver injures cop during routine DUI stop.

On Jan 8, 2015 by Ikenna Anyoku

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Drunk woman beat her grandmother over Facebook friend request

Peas in a pod, these two.

On Dec 18, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Alleged DUI killer posts photo of wrecked car with smiley face

“I’m all good,” said Mike VanWagner, 24, who allegedly killed a teenager in a DUI. “lol :) ”

On Jul 31, 2014 by Miles Klee

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One way to stop drunk driving: Offer everyone a ride

Alex Sheen is a real-life superhero.

On Jun 23, 2014 by Miles Klee

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‘Attractive Convict’ suing website for use of her hot mugshot

Miss Demeanor. 

On Mar 1, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Driver survives collision with fried-chicken joint, celebrates with public lewdness

Just another day in Philadelphia.

On Jan 29, 2014 by Mike Fenn

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Watch Justin Bieber get arrested for drunk drag-racing

Justin Bieber just received a DUI in Miami. Police in the area confirmed that this morning. 

On Jan 23, 2014 by Chase Hoffberger

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