mtv news archives wiped comedy central paramount

‘No reasonable explanation’: The internet mourns the death of MTV News, Comedy Central archives

Endless work by countless people has been deleted due to streamer consolidation, incompetence.

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The DOJ emailed a white nationalist blog post to immigration judges

The post ‘directly attacks sitting immigration judges with racial and ethnically tinged slurs.’

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how to make money on youtube

How to make money on YouTube

Build your channel the right way.

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Travel blogger finds creepy copycat Instagram of her photos

When flattery goes too far.

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‘Lark and Olive’ gently mocks the softcore world of lifestyle bloggers

Cupcakes and sweaters galore!

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Police raid of anti-police corruption blogger’s home deemed unconstitutional

A defamation claim filed by a local business owner was also tossed out.

On by Patrick Howell O’Neill

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Despite the risks, undocumented immigrants are finding ways to thrive online

There are nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants in America—and more of them are speaking out about their struggles and stereotypes.

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Homepage article image has no idea who Michael Ian Black is, calls him ‘personal trainer’

When sarcastic Twitter bios go wrong.

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Josi Denise is still pissed at the mom blogging industry

And other mom bloggers aren’t happy with her.

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Wellness blogger Belle Gibson faces prosecution for faking cancer

Gibson denies she’s done anything wrong.

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Kim Kardashian just set the record straight on her nude selfies

It’s like a mic drop. But a blog post.

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Plus-size style maven Nicolette Mason is queering fashion with new dress line

A queer femme girl in a straight fashion world.

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‘That’s Not a Vagina’ is a blog with some very important lessons

The blogger wants everyone to know the proper names for anatomy.

On by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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Plus-size menswear bloggers are fashionable, fly, and frustrated

How do you fit a size 42 man into a much smaller world?

On by Marisa Kabas

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Facebook redesigns Notes to take on blogging sites like Medium

Taking a page (sorry) from Medium.

On by Selena Larson

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