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The science fair project heard ’round the world

'Cool clock, Ahmed.'

On Jan 4, 2016 by Kevin Collier

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Anti-Islam group doxes Muslims and ‘sympathizers’ on Facebook

They also stand outside the local mosque and Muslims down the street with guns.

On Nov 26, 2015 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed demands $15M from city, school

'Ahmed Mohamed's reputation in the global community is permanently scarred.'

On Nov 23, 2015 by Andrew Couts

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‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed visited the White House, briefly met Obama

More than a month after #IStandWithAhmed, the teenage clockmaker finally met President Obama.

On Oct 20, 2015 by Deron Dalton

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Of course there’s an Ahmed Mohamed Halloween costume

'Clock Boy' is actually the least weird of the various 2015-themed costumes floating around out there.

On Oct 7, 2015 by Josh Katzowitz

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Your opinion doesn’t matter

It’s not just about whether or not you have a voice—it’s how you use it.

On Sep 22, 2015 by Zan McQuade

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The Internet was using the wrong hashtag to stand with Ahmed Mohamed

If you're black or brown in America, your political fates are linked.

On Sep 21, 2015 by W.S. Paul Jackson

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Bill Maher thinks the police were right to arrest Ahmed Mohamed for building a clock

'What if it had been a bomb?'

On Sep 20, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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13-year-old takes Obama to task over Ahmed Mohamed’s White House invite

'He's a Muslim kid, he fits into your agenda.'

On Sep 17, 2015 by Ramon Ramirez

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Ahmed Mohamed and the problem with the ‘model minority’ myth

Even the 'perfect victim' will never be perfect enough.

On Sep 17, 2015 by Suey Park

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Tech needs to make Ahmed Mohamed more than a PR stunt

Maybe companies could extend the invitation a bit further.

On Sep 17, 2015 by Selena Larson

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7 real bombs that are definitely bombs and not clocks

You never know.

On Sep 16, 2015 by Miles Klee

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President Obama invited Ahmed Mohamed to the White House

'Cool clock, Ahmed.'

On Sep 16, 2015 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Scientists rally support online for Ahmed Mohamed and other nerdy kids of color


On Sep 16, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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4 DIY clocks you can build that are definitely not bombs

Homemade clocks are safe and fun and do not look like bombs.

On Sep 16, 2015 by Dell Cameron