Did 9/11 influence ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ wardrobe design?

‘Gotta balance out the witchcraft with patriotism’: Did 9/11 influence ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ wardrobe design?

'You kinda had to be there. And by "there" I mean Old Navy.'

On Feb 7, 2024 by Eric Webb

bush 911

How 9/11 memes became an internet phenomenon

You'll never forget... these memes.

On Nov 24, 2023 by Jack Alban

cia bin laden files

‘Like everything he said was valid’: Why is TikTok suddenly here for Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’

Rejecting the creation of Israel was a key topic raised in the letter.

On Nov 16, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

September 2001 calendar over image of plane in sky

‘I don’t regret the action’: Tech exec tells heartwarming tale of employee who saved his life on 9/11—and how he fired her after

'I don’t take life for granted anymore,' Ellmore told the Daily Dot.

On Sep 13, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

kari lake

Kari Lake crops Hillary Clinton out of 9/11 tribute to Giuliani, Trump

One photo cropped out Hillary Clinton next to Rudy Giuliani.

On Sep 12, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Ron DeSantis eats his boogers at 9/11 memorial - internet remembers other times he's snacked on his snot

‘Booger Bob’: DeSantis’ snotty 9/11 memorial moment grosses out viewers, reminds people how often he wipes his nose in public

Never forget to pack a Kleenex.

On Sep 11, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

DraftKings goes viral for 9/11-themed parlay

DraftKings under fire for pushing ‘Never Forget’ 9/11-themed parlay with Jets, Mets, and Yankees: ‘We respect the significance of this day’

More than 800 people placed the 'Never Forget' parlay bet, according to screenshots.

On Sep 11, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

Joe Biden

‘Just incredible timing’: White House faces backlash after posting praise for Saudi Arabia on 9/11

'Probably not the best day to announce an infrastructure deal with the Saudis.'

On Sep 11, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Oliver Anthony singing into microphone outside (c) World Trade Center towers with blue sky (r)

Newfound right-wing country music celeb Oliver Anthony kept YouTube playlist with 9/11 truther videos

'Videos that make your noggin' get bigger' includes segments about Jews being involved in 9/11.

On Aug 15, 2023 by Ernie Piper

May 27, 2001 View of the Twin Towers and Marriott Hotel

‘The pink mushroom cloud isn’t just a pink mushroom cloud’: Japanese users fed up with ‘Barbenheimer’ hype are making 9/11 memes

'Less about boycotting these movies and more about demonstrating their anger.'

On Aug 9, 2023 by Kristine Villarroel

World Trade Center with sunset sky vivek Ramaswamy 9/11

Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy’s 2024 campaigns derailed by fight over who did 9/11

'I don’t believe the government has told us the truth.'

On Aug 9, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

rudy giuliani lawsuit

‘Italian men use them all their lives’: Rudy Giuliani’s thoughts on ethnicity and penis size draw widespread disgust

The former president's lawyer highlights the limitless potential of the English language for poetry.

On Aug 2, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger


‘How do people see it as a photoshoot opportunity?’: Viral TikTok shows people taking tacky photos at 9/11 memorial

'I can understand taking photos, but the dude sitting on their names draws the line.'

On Nov 23, 2021 by Kahron Spearman

spike lee

Filmmaker Spike Lee under fire for touting conspiracy theory about 9/11

The 'jet fuel can't melt steel beams' conspiracy has been widely derided and debunked.

On Aug 24, 2021 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Marjorie Taylor Greene

9/11 truther running for Congress dragged for 9/11 remembrance tweets

The irony isn't lost on anyone.

On Sep 11, 2020 by Claire Goforth