New Yuri on Ice clip: Yuri Plisetsky's Welcome to the Madness

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Watch an unseen ‘Yuri on Ice’ clip from Yuri Plisetsky’s punk program

There’s more baby punk nonsense here than at a My Chemical Romance show circa 2007.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Yuri on Ice, the best anime in anime history, finished its first season in December 2016. And let me tell you, it’s extremely normal to wake up each morning, gaze out at the barren hellscape of real life, and think: “You know what today needs? Some new material from Yuri on Ice, the pinnacle of human artistic achievement.”

For once, this dream has actually come true. There’s a brand new Yuri on Ice clip online, and you can experience it with your own joyful eyeballs.

The clip teases an unseen sequence starring the tiny Russian rage teen Yuri Plisetsky. It’s an excerpt from his exhibition skate, “Welcome to the Madness,” which didn’t appear onscreen in season 1.

Yuri’s exhibition skate is one of the bonus features on Vol. 6 of the show’s DVD and Blu-ray release, which comes out on May 26.

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