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Is there a ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Easter egg in the latest ‘Rogue One’ ad?

Only eagle-eyed ‘Star Wars Rebels’ fans caught it.


Michelle Jaworski


Rogue One is bringing the entire Star Wars universe together with characters from the original trilogy as well as the prequels—but is another animated series being thrown into the mix?

We know that The Clone Wars will tie into the newest Star Wars film with the appearance of Saw Gerrera, the freedom fighter-turned-fringe Rebel ally with a previous connection to Jyn Erso, but a new promo for Rogue One might link Rebels the other major Star Wars animated TV show, albeit in a smaller way.

Around the 0:07 mark you can see a bunch of ships gathering, including what appears to be a VCX-100 light freighter—the exact type of ship used in Star Wars Rebels. The Ghost is the main ship used by the Rebels crew who try to stop the Empire at every turn in the years before A New Hope (and now Rogue One), and the characters on board make up part of the Rebellion before it became a formidable force.

Is it an Easter egg or just a throwaway ship used in a wide shot? It’s hard to say. While we don’t expect to see characters from Rebels in Rogue One, the attention to detail—which may only be noticed by Rebels fans—is always a most welcome touch. If they survived that long, it makes perfect sense for the Rebels crew to be part of a fight like this.

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