Marvel will get into the election spirit with a ‘Vote Loki’ comic

In a move that feels worryingly appropriate for the tone of the 2016 election, Marvel has announced a comic called Vote Loki.

The series begins in June, joining DC‘s Prez and Marvel’s Captain America: Sam Wilson as a must-read comic for election season—along with watching the politically divisive Captain America: Civil War, of course. 

Marvel hasn’t revealed the comic’s creative team, but it did share some cover art: a Vote Loki poster and an image of Loki at a podium with Captain America and the Asgardian hero Angela behind him. He’s running under the slogan “Believe,” the ultimate troll candidate.


Speaking to, editor Wil Moss described this new take on the God of Mischief as “a combination of Kieron Gillen’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY comics and Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon’s take on him in the movies.” Judging by Marvel’s Twitter poll, people are surprisingly receptive toward the idea of President Loki.

Sure, he’s literally an alien. But at least this time he’s trying to take over the world through legitimate, democratic means. Right? 

Photo via Marvel

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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