Groot bread is the only reason you need to visit Disneyland

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We’ve been eating Mickey-shaped ice cream for years, but since the Mouse started buying up beloved properties like Star Wars and Marvel Studios, Disney’s food game has reached new heights.

It’s latest genius invention: Groot bread.

Based on everyone’s favorite talking tree from Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot bread has a lot of things going for it. First of all, aww, isn’t Groot’s smiling tree face adorable? Everyone knows cute food tastes better than regular food—that’s just science. Second, the face-shaped bread seems custom made for awesome Instagram pics. Lastly, look at all of those delicious carbohydrates (sorry low-carb dieters). Bonus: You can get Groot in regular sourdough or jalapeño cheese.

So where can you get this magical treat? Unfortunately it seems like your only option is to hit up Disney’s California Adventure, which bakes the Groots on site at Boudin Bakery near Pacific Warf. The sourdough variety is sold at Fairfax Market, while the spicier version is at the Cosmic Canteen. If you can get there, be sure to post your bready-Groot selfies so we can all salivate with jealousy.


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Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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