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The ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 blooper reel is full of delights

The night is dark and full of laughter.


Michelle Jaworski


Game of Thrones may have had one of its darkest seasons yet, but behind the scenes it’s as joyous and full of laughter as ever.

The most recent season of the hit fantasy drama ended just a month before San Diego Comic-Con, so while the cast and crew of Game of Thrones is able to freely discuss season 6, they usually can’t say a word about a season they haven’t filmed yet. (Plus they might not even have the scripts yet.) But production is already starting with a summer 2017 premiere on the horizon for season 7.

That doesn’t mean the crew doesn’t usually have something up their sleeve for the thousands of fans who wait hours for the panel, whether it’s revealing new members of the cast, a blooper reel, or an audition reel.

This year, Game of Thrones released another blooper reel ahead of its panel. It may have been the darkest season yet, but the bloopers are just as delightful as ever, with plenty of line flubs, a wardrobe semi-malfunction, and cursing all around.

Someone please spare Peter Dinklage from saying “benevolent” ever again.

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