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‘You’re not taking full advantage of your Costco membership’: Costco expert says you’re probably using your membership wrong

'Did you know about these Costco benefits?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Dec 7, 2023   Updated on Dec 7, 2023, 7:45 am CST

A financial educator says you likely aren’t taking full advantage of your Costco membership. In a viral video, he shows you how to save on everything from tires to wine.

Costco is a big box store known for selling products—from strawberries to lotion—in supersized quantities and offering good deals. It is also beloved by some for its food court, which has long offered a hot dog and soda combo for just $1.50.

However, to shop at Costco, you must be a member. Without a Costco card at checkout (or when using someone else’s), some customers are forced to leave their items behind or get a new card on the spot.

The basic tier for a Costco card is the Gold Star membership, which comes with a $60 annual membership fee, according to the retailer’s website. It includes a free card for household members to use and is valid at all locations worldwide. There is also a $120 membership tier that includes 2% rewards on Costco purchases and extra benefits on select Costco Travel products.

While many people know they can buy common household goods at Costco, in a viral video, financial educator Ravi Wadan (@raviwadan) revealed several other ways people can get more out of their membership.

And this isn’t the first time Wadan has gone viral for his Costco tips. He’s previously revealed how to get $100 worth of gift cards at Costco for just $80.

“If you’re not using your Costco membership for these five things, you’re not taking full advantage of your Costco membership,” Wadan says in the clip.

First on the list? Tires. He showed that the Costco site states tire purchases come with free installation, a five-year warranty, and other perks like tire rotation, rebalancing, and flat tire repairs.

Continuing with cars, Wadam pointed out that Costco currently has a $1,000 incentive to buy specific car brands through them, which can be stacked with other rebates.

He also recommended using Costco’s photo department to make prints, wall art, calendars, cards, and photo books.

Fourth on the list was buying wine since the retailer is known for having among the cheapest wine prices in the country and is the largest wine retailer.

Last on the list, Wadan suggests using their medical-related services like getting an eye prescription and glasses, contacts, or a hearing aid through the retailer.

His video has garnered well over 2 million views and over 150 comments as of Thursday morning.

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Commenters had mixed feelings about Wadan’s tips.

“Can confirm the Costco Auto service. They offer fleet purchasing, no haggle or stress for a good deal. Walk in and drive out!” a person said.

“I took my tire back to Costco for warranty they only gave me some credit back,” another wrote.

“I just save like 51% on shutterfly with my Costco membership. Was able to buy my wedding save the date and invitations,” a commenter shared.

“Bah! No wine in Costco Canada. So sad,” a Canadian viewer lamented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Wadan for comment via email.

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*First Published: Dec 7, 2023, 8:00 am CST