Worker says co-worker snitched on her for crocheting at work


‘If you wanted a hat you could’ve just f*cking asked’: Worker says co-worker snitched on her for crocheting at work

‘Ppl are just miserable w/ their own lives.’


Melody Heald


A worker called out an anonymous co-worker in a viral TikTok after they allegedly snitched on her for crocheting at work.

The clip featured TikTok user Chai (@0kichai) who dedicated the video to, “the anonymous co-worker” who “snitched on her.”

According to the content creator, her crocheting at work was “never a problem.” Chai shared the various hats she crocheted while at work—oranges, blueberries, and other fruit-shaped hats. However, the only one who didn’t appreciate her crocheting was the one who ratted her out, she said.

“You could’ve just f*cking asked,” she said. She signed off by giving the middle finger.

“The haters have sabotaged but the haters won’t win,” she captioned the video.

@0kichai The haters have sabotaged but the haters wont win. #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #crochettok ♬ original sound – chai

The Daily Dot reached out Chai via TikTok comment. The video racked up over 207,000 views as of Monday where viewers suggested different solutions.

“Quit your job and sell those hats cause I wanna buy one,” one viewer said.

“Find out who it was and make something for everyone except them,” a second proposed.

“Give them a hat as a gift,” a third suggested.

In addition, some didn’t see why the co-worker had a problem with Chai’s crocheting.

“As long as someone is not carrying a heavier workload because of it, then it is… pathetic. like why do they hate fun,” one user commented.

“Ppl are just miserable w/ their own lives, they cant see someone exp joy. Keep doing what makes you happy,” a second remarked.

“HONESTLY THO why the f*ck won’t ppl at work just mind their business,” a third agreed.

Furthermore, others shared similar experiences about co-workers who didn’t have their back.

“I worked night shift at a resort once upon a time, and would read or use my phone when we were done with our work. Co-worker snitched,” one person shared.

“I worked a call center and painted/drew at my desk. The day they told me I couldn’t anymore, my stats went way down,” a second wrote.

“Got snitched on about crocheting at my desk too. Person who snitched had offloaded his crap work on me. I was taking micro craft rest breaks,” a third stated.

In a follow-up video, Chai shared she was able to crochet at work without shirking her responsibilities because all she does is “unlock the place” and “lock it back up.” In the meantime, “everything between, there is a void.” She emphasizes that there is “nobody carrying” her extra workload.

Update 5:58pm CT, July 3, 2023: During an interview with the Daily Dot, Chai revealed how she works as an attendant for information. The reason the co-worker allegedly snitched on her was because Chai was allowed to crochet but they weren’t permitted to draw.

“A supervisor had to talk to me about crocheting when people were around, and they kind of let me know it was another attendant that complained since they weren’t allowed to draw,” she shared via direct message.

In the end, it all turned out well. After speaking with her supervisor again, she’s said she’s allowed to crochet on the job again.

“I actually spoke with my supervisor again today! I’m still allowed to crochet, and my co-worker is allowed to draw, just only during certain periods of time,” she said.

In addition to being permitted to crochet, she and the co-worker are on good terms.

“Me and this coworker are on good terms. It wasn’t a personal attack, I was just more annoyed if anything. Everybody lives happily ever after,” she explained.

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