Worker calls out managers who get mad at her for doing something wrong yet don't train her how to do it right


‘We’re like babies thrown into the pool’: Worker calls out managers who don’t train her yet get mad when she does something wrong

‘Like… it’s your fault not mine.’


Maya Wray


A TikToker with an account dedicated to “work humor” went viral after posting a video describing a common frustration for employees everywhere.

“When your manager is yelling at you for doing something wrong but they never trained you on how to do it,” user Marley (@lifeofmarley_ _) wrote in the text overlay of her video, which has been viewed 779,900 times as of Sunday.

“Confusion,” she stated simply in her caption.

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It was a sentiment echoed by other employees in the comments section. Users shared stories of managers and other bosses who refused to take the time to train them on how to do their jobs, with one saying that their training consisted of “watching people do things wrong,” and then doing the opposite. 

“My life every day with my boss who didn’t train me on a single thing yet she complains that training someone takes way too much time,” user Martin Alvarez (@martinalvarez1999) revealed. 

“I did not get a single training shift,” another said. “They just threw me to the wolves and said ‘Good luck!’”

User Chelsea (@chelseaxyo), who has since left her old job, said she had the exact same experience there. “Then they come and say well why didn’t you ask for help!?” she wrote.

“It’s even better when they give you too much to do, so obviously mistakes happen and they get upset rather than help,” @lady_mariasha wrote.

In another viral video posted June 13, user Ray (@.ray_mtz03) detailed another complaint about managers.

“The fact that my manager gets to walk around all day and just talk to people while getting paid more than me doesn’t sit right with me,” his video’s text overlay read.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marley via Instagram direct message.

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