Pub worker exposes restaurant after he was fired for trying to bring it 'up to food safety standards'


‘They’re going to kill somebody’: Pub worker exposes restaurant after he was fired for trying to bring it ‘up to food safety standards’

‘I didn’t know it could be THIS bad.’


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Apr 14, 2024   Updated on Apr 14, 2024, 1:34 pm CDT

A former restaurant worker went viral on TikTok after sharing the shocking reason behind getting fired from his job.

Alex Makes (@alex_makes1) said he worked as a line cook at Wolfhound Irish Pub in Clermont, Florida, for three days before getting let go. But he claims he was unfairly fired after letting his bosses know that the restaurant wasn’t “up to food safety standards.”

In the text overlay of his video, Makes shared the address and phone number for the restaurant. The Daily Dot has reached out to Makes via TikTok comment, and to Wolfhound Irish Pub via its website contact form.

“Hello, TikTok. My name is Alex Makes and I’m working here… well, I used to work here at Wolfhound Irish Pub in Clermont, Florida,” the former employee began.

“This place is [expletive] disgusting,” Makes continued. “Let’s take a look at some things.”

He began by showing viewers the restaurant’s cleaning supplies, which were cluttered under a dirty table.

“They did not even have soap or sanitizer go into this dishwasher. So, all they were doing was spraying hot water on their dishes,” Makes said. 

Next, he gave viewers a tour of the pub’s cooler. 

“I have no idea when it was made,” Makes said of the food in it. He also said he had “no idea who made it.”

“It’s all [expletive] gross,” Makes added. “All of it is [expletive] gross.”

The restaurant’s fryers and grill were cleaner, Makes said, but that’s because he cleaned them himself.
“Looks nice now, don’t it?” he asked. 

Makes, who’s previously posted content about finding a reliable side hustle, said he was fired after warning the pub’s owner that it risked causing serious damage to customers if it didn’t improve things.

“After three days of working here and telling the owner that everything needs to [expletive] change… and they’re going to kill somebody because nothing in here is [expletive] food-safe, I got fired,” Makes said. 


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Because of this, Makes felt safe to share with viewers how the restaurant repeatedly violated various health protocols. 

For instance, he said that the pub strained the potatoes for mashed potatoes in a dirty sink. Makes also shared that the restaurant kept food on the floor and “raw [expletive] meat on top of a keg.”

Makes has made a series of follow-up videos about his experiences working for the pub. In one post, he said that he’s received text messages from former Wolfhound employees who dealt with similar issues.

Due to both the lack of cleanliness and the number of people affirming Makes’ account, several viewers praised him for being transparent about his former employer.

“Thank you,” one viewer said. “We need more people like you.”

“I’ve always heard that if you see the kitchen of a restaurant you’d never eat there again but I didn’t know it could be THIS bad,” another wrote. 

“Bless you for this, people deserve to know,” a third commenter added.

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT