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‘Wait you did a surprise party on Zoom?’: Remote worker says boss scheduled surprise baby shower at 4pm on a Friday

‘No one’s cool with this.’


Braden Bjella


A remote worker has gone viral after sharing a story about his work-from-home fail.

In a clip with over 317,000 views, TikTok user Chris (@chrisrivoli) recounts the experience of being told about a surprise Zoom party—and then promptly forgetting about it along with all of his co-workers.

“My boss put everyone in a meeting except for this one guy,” Chris recalls. “My boss goes, ‘Hey, I’m just going to let you know on Friday at 4pm, I’m going to put a meeting on your calendar, and it’s going to say “Team Pipeline Training,” whatever, but what it really is…it’s going to be a surprise baby shower’” for one of Chris’ co-workers.

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The day after this meeting, however, Chris said he had forgotten why the Friday meeting was on his calendar.

“All day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I’m like, ‘Why is there a meeting on my calendar for Friday at 4pm?’” Chris asks, sounding exasperated. “That’s illegal. It’s not illegal, but it should be illegal.”

According to Chris, this sentiment was common around the virtual office.

“I message other people on my team, and I go, ‘Are you seeing this meeting on Friday at 4 PM?’ and then my team members are going, ‘Dude! I was thinking the same thing!’” Chris remembers. “Literally everyone forgot about this.”

When 4pm eventually rolled around on Friday, Chris says the mood amongst the workforce was sour.

“We join the call. Cameras on. No one’s cool with this,” Chris states. “So then my boss goes, ‘So actually it’s a surprise baby shower because [Chris’ coworker] is having a baby!”

“We all just had to, like, be actors, and be like, ‘Yeah!’” Chris remembers.

While many commenters found humor in the situation, several shared their view that scheduling anything at 4 PM on a Friday, regardless of the true reason, will always be an annoyance.

“Even if the party was for me, I’d be salty about it being on Friday at 4,” wrote one user.

“I mean at least do it on a Thursday,” offered another.

“I mean honestly W boss for gassing him up but unfortunate it was on a Friday,” shared a third.

Others suggested that such a meeting would cause chaos around their own offices.

“My paranoid brain would have been like ‘do you think it’s a layoff announcement’ and would have started an accidental rumor that we’re getting fired,” detailed a commenter.

A few users decried virtual parties in general.

“But also can we not have virtual parties ever again in life for the rest of time?” questioned a user.

“Srsly!” echoed an additional TikToker. “Just send a nice card and gift card.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Chris via Instagram direct message.

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