Viewers blast woman for not defending friend who got attacked after she wouldn't give man her Instagram

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‘You’re not a girl’s girl, babe’: Viewers blast woman for not defending friend who got attacked after she wouldn’t give man her Instagram

'Why would you watch your friend get assaulted?


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Posted on Jan 6, 2024   Updated on Jan 6, 2024, 11:51 am CST

A woman is being criticized on TikTok for her take on a violent altercation that allegedly occurred between a man and a group of women after a night out clubbing. It appears that her video on the situation has been deleted, but it’s been reposted by other users.

Odion (@bodacious_bobo) offered up her commentary on the situation while sharing a screenshot of the woman’s TikTok.

She says the woman, named Megan Odoch (@meganodoch), shares a tale that not only highlights how bad of a friend she is, but that she’s “not a girl’s girl” and severely lacks any type of self-awareness.

Odion summarizes what happened in her clip, though a user shared a screen recording of Odoch’s TikTok for others to see.

In her storytime while applying makeup, Odoch says she and her friends were getting some McDonald’s after going out clubbing.

She says a strange man then approached her and asked for her Instagram while she was surrounded by her pals. She declined the man’s advances, telling him that she didn’t want to give up her handle.

Odoch says the man persisted, not taking no for an answer, and after repeatedly curbing him, one of her friends told him that she wasn’t interested. Instead of taking the hint and walking off, the man purportedly insisted on standing his ground until he received the woman’s social media information.

Odoch says this is when “her friend” told the man again that Odoch wasn’t interested, prompting the 6’1 man to “punch” the 5’4 woman in her face and send her tumbling down the stairs.

Odoch continued to relay the story while applying makeup to her face, detailing the extent of the horrifying assault her friend sustained while standing up for her. The man then followed her down the stairs and continued to beat her, she says, his pants falling down past his legs and exposing his buttocks as he straddled the woman and continued to repeatedly punch her in the face.

Not receiving any help from the other woman who were there, Odoch says the victim had to rely on the help from strangers off the street and people getting out of their cars to stop the assault.

“This man just ended up running off a massive group of men like asked us what happened and tried to find him like they all went after him but genuinely no one could find him,” Odoch relays. “Obviously with the London underground you can hop into any station and disappear like that.”

@bodacious_bobo @Megan Odoch That heel would’ve been in that man’s cornea wtf are you talking about?? #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Odion • $OdionE

She details in her clip that the damages the young woman sustained were significant: she had “bruises all over her” and that a “patch of hair” was missing from on top of her head.

Odoch says she couldn’t help but feel as if the incident was her fault.

“I chose to say no to a man which is crazy,” she says. “The only way to prevent yourself from this happening and staying safe is honestly just let them have it. ‘Cause at the end of the day, as soon as they add you, you can literally block them straight away…I don’t care how ugly they are because this is actually a safety issue and no one should ever experience that in their lifetime.”

Odion commented on the video with a TikTok of her own, expressing how astounded both she and other users were that none of the woman’s friends did anything to stop the man’s assault, and that they had to rely on the kindness of strangers.

“Those b*tches, all them b*tches cause it was at least two other b*tches besides the girl that got assaulted…stood there…watch[ed] her get beat up,” Odion says in her clip. “…This man was beating the dogsh*t out of a woman that was protecting this b*tch. And she did nothing.”

Odion calls out Odoch’s follow-up video where she tried to explain why she stood by. According to her, Odoch claims her reason was that she didn’t really know the girl, had “only met her twice,” and that “they were in heels.”

“So already you got a pair of weapons on you,” Odion argues. “If it’s one man beating on one woman I understand one-on-one it’s not gonna work out, but you got at least two other b*tches there.”

“And you telling me you can’t grab that shoe and conk that man on the head? Are you f*cking dumb?” she continues. “…Why the f*ck would you watch your friend get assaulted? All of a sudden it’s you barely know the b*tch?”

Odion went on to call Odoch’s follow-up reaction “insane” and that she hopes the woman who was beaten up by the strange man not only gets to charge her assailant, but after she’s feeling better, that she “beats the dogsh*t” out of Odoch who did nothing to help her.

The TikToker went on to highlight the callousness Odoch displayed in her clip, saying, “And you literally made that storytime doing your f*cking makeup?”

Odion says the Odoch wasn’t an advocate for women, ranting, “You’re not a girl’s girl babe, what the f*ck? I am so sorry, I forgot to mention the part where she said the moral of the story is to give the man your socials…That is the moral of the story?”

Other TikTokers who responded to Odion’s video seemed equally horrified by Odoch’s response.

“She just messed up when she thought it was relevant to add that she wasn’t close with the girl…why would that matter ESPECIALLY if she defended her,” one wrote.

“Even if it was a stranger, if she stood up for you?, ride with her,” another echoed.

Someone else highlighted how bad the woman’s defensive remarks really sound, saying, “‘I didn’t really know her’ sounds worse to me cause total strangers ended up helping.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Odion via Instagram direct message for further comment and to Odoch via email.

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*First Published: Jan 6, 2024, 3:00 pm CST