Woman orders 1 Stanley cup. She receives 20 instead

Stanley @unmoleahmed/TikTok

‘I know what everyone’s getting for Christmas’: Woman orders 1 Stanley cup. She receives 20 instead

'This happened to me too.'


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Posted on Dec 4, 2023   Updated on Dec 4, 2023, 8:51 am CST

A shipping mistake by Stanley has just solved the problem of holiday shopping for one lucky customer.

Holiday shopping can be a stressful experience, especially in a difficult economy. But sometimes, the perfect solution materializes out of nowhere.

Earlier this year, the craze of the Stanley Quencher tumbler skyrocketed the heritage camping brand to frenzied interest from influencers, selling out the cup at a variety of retailers and creating a third-party reseller market.

To order just one of the now-iconic cups runs about $50 for the trendy 40 oz version. One customer says she ordered herself just one of the expensive beverage holders—and received a whole case of them.

Posted to TikTok by Unmole (@unmoleahmed), the video has drawn over 1.9 million views and shows two boxes containing 19 individually packaged cups, with the one in her hand, making 20.

“Ik what everyones getting for chirstmas this year,” the video is captioned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Unmole via TikTok direct message as well as to Stanley via email regarding the video.

Several viewers shared that they had also received multiples after ordering their very own Stanley cups online, although none reported receiving quite as many as 20 cups.

“I BOUGHT ONE FOR MY MOM AND THEY SENT ME TWOOO so i got a free stanley for myself,” one commenter wrote.

“Haha I thought getting an extra Stanley was exciting but you’ve topped it,” another commenter wrote.

“They did this to me! I ordered 2 of their beer pints & they sent me 2 more,” a commenter wrote.


ik what everyones getting for chirstmas this year

♬ original sound – Kxrma 👨🏿‍🌾

Others shared that they had similar experiences with a variety of brands ranging from other beverage holders to clothes and makeup.

“I bought a morphe palette once and two showed up,” one commenter wrote. “I remember my mom telling me to return one of them. YEAH RIGHT.”

“This has happened to me too a couple years ago with a hydro flask!” another commenter wrote. “I ordered 1 & they sent me 4.”

“I ordered the telescoping wall cleaner that was big on TikTok a few years ago and they sent me 20 also,” a commenter wrote.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2023, 9:00 am CST