Woman in wheelchair shows the ‘dreaded’ moment where she has to pump her own gas

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‘I tried to pick the most lit-up gas station’: Woman in wheelchair shows the ‘dreaded’ moment where she has to pump her own gas

‘Sweet girl, please do this during the day’


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Dec 9, 2023   Updated on Dec 9, 2023, 1:35 pm CST

A woman went viral on TikTok after showing viewers how she puts gas in her car while using a wheelchair.

In a viral video, Kathryn Granger (@kathryngranger15) shared what it’s like to fill up her tank. Granger filmed the video during a full moon and said it was “really dark.”

“I tried to pick the most lit-up gas station, but I don’t think that’s going to help me out very much,” she said. “This whole situation is giving me anxiety.”

It took a while for Granger to get out of her car, however. She looked at the camera, with a worried expression on her face, and said that she tried to delay getting gas, but that her fuel tank was practically empty. 

“I literally can’t even make it home at this point,” she said. 

Eventually, Granger grabbed her wheelchair from her car’s backseat and exited her vehicle. She briefly recorded herself putting gas into her car. 

“the dreaded gas pumping as a wheelchair user,” Granger wrote in the accompanying video caption. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Granger via TikTok comment. As of Friday evening, her TikTok had over 65,800 views. In the comments section, many viewers applauded her for showcasing life as a wheelchair user. Others advised her to not get gas at night.

@kathryngranger15 the dreaded gas pumping as a wheelchair user 🫠 #wheelchairlife #fyp #paralyzed #spinalcordinjurylife #wheelchair ♬ original sound – kathryngranger15

“Staying independent as much as possible! Stay strong young lady and do your best to fill up during the day,” one user said. “Love your positivity!”

“Sweet girl, please do this during the day,” another viewer advised. 

Some even offered advice for how Granger could get someone to help her in the future. 

“Download the app fuelservice!! Type in your location and it shows nearby stations that will come out and fill tanks for ppl in wheelchairs,” one comment read.

“You should get a 500 gallon tank at your house and have fuel delivered right to you,” another said. 

According to local reports, Granger and a friend, Sarah Tucker, were involved in a car accident in 2018. Tucker died, while Granger sustained a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Much of Granger’s TikTok page shows her doing everyday activities as a wheelchair user, such as bowling, dating, and swimming.

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*First Published: Dec 9, 2023, 3:30 pm CST