Woman says she was 'scammed' out of thousands by Lil Dicky's best friend and co-star

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‘I thought this guy really liked me’: Woman says she was ‘scammed’ out of thousands by Lil Dicky’s best friend and co-star

'I really hate talking badly about people publicly'


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Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 6:35 pm CST

An up-and-coming artist is accusing GaTa, the rapper and actor best known for playing Lil Dicky’s best friend on Dave, of stealing from her, trying to smash, and making her lose out on nearly $8,000.

TikTok user Kay Day (@botchvideo), who allegedly got scammed by GaTa, is a satirist and rapper. She says GaTa agreed to do a verse on one of her songs and be in the music video for it—but that last part never happened and she ended up losing thousands of dollars because of it.

She laid it all out in a series of videos on TikTok and in her music video for “I Want it Bad,” the song GaTa was supposed to be on.

Let’s start at the beginning. Kay Day said she messaged GaTa on Instagram after noticing that he liked her Barbie music video. She told GaTa that his liking her work just made “my entire fuckin year” and that he’s one of her inspirations.

In one of her first messages to him, she also told GaTa that part of the reason she’s so inspired by him is because he’s been public about having bipolar disorder, a condition Kay Day also lives with.

GaTa kept liking her posts, so when he was in New York City (where Kay Day lives) in December, she hit him up to see if he wanted to hang.

While he’d initially responded “WYD” earlier on in the night, he hit her back up at nearly 2 a.m., according to Kay Day. In the screenshots, he asked her what she’s doing and where she’s at, calls her “baby momma,” and tells her to “pull up on me.”

“He trying to smash,” Kay Day said. In her response the next day she told him that she was asleep but would have pulled up “in a heart beat.”

In her TikTok, she clarifies that she would never accuse him of trying to take advantage of her sexually because she was into it and would have been down to sleep together.

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Fast forward, Kay Day asked GaTa for a verse and he agreed to do 16 bars for $1,500. Kay Day paid him on Zelle and he sent the verse as agreed on. He also posted his verse on his Instagram story for a bit and tagged Kay Day.

Here’s where things go wrong and money becomes an issue.

GaTa agreed to be in the music video for the song and they agreed on a date. Up until then, he’d never mentioned getting paid for flying out. He asks Kay Day to send him $2,000 for his trip, claiming the trip will actually run him more than $5,000 since he has to bring two other people (including his security) and get an extra room.

With the dates for the shoot agreed upon, Kay Day sends GaTa the $2,000 and proceeds to book the video sets and crew for the two-day music video shoot, which costs thousands of dollars.

But GaTa never showed. He never even got on the plane, in fact Kay Day thinks he never booked the tickets.

The day of the shoot he tells her his flight was delayed and to start without him. She does and even pays extra to extend the video shoot, thinking he was still coming.

“Only a weirdo would lie about being on a plane when he wasn’t,” Kay Day said in the music video.

“He didn’t even have the decency to notify that he wasn’t coming or to cancel the next day. Because GaTa thinks people like me are beneath him, worthless, powerless, insects and will never speak out. Welp. You were wrong,” Kay Day added.

She didn’t lose hope the night of the photoshoot til her manager broke the news that there were no flights from Burbank to NYC that night.

GaTa didn’t respond to her til 6:49 p.m. the next day, claiming that he had to reschedule because of the weather and that he didn’t let her know because his phone was dead. He said he’ll send her back the $2,000, but never did.

“Having an idol who is also bipolar fuck with me is a new low,” Kay Day said in the music video.

“If I didn’t have good friends around me, I don’t even know what I would have done,” Kay Day said in the TikTok.

Kay Day has posted several follow-up videos and is urging people to notify Lil Dicky of the situation and call out Gata. She even reposted on her backup TikTok account because she thinks she’s getting shadowbanned across her accounts because of GaTa.

So far the video to get the most traction in all of this is sitting at 18,000 views and people are saying the platform isn’t letting them repost her video.

Since the video, at least one other person has come forward to say GaTa scammed them. Musician Lyssie Lee (@iconblond) told the Daily Dot via Instagram DM that she asked GaTa to do a Cameo video in January. He asked her to pay him the $1,000 directly instead of on the platform. Weeks later he sent her two voice memos instead of the video she paid for.

After following up with him twice, she chalked it up as a loss. “I really hate talking badly about people publicly, but it seems like a pattern rather than a one off instance, so it would be nice to help prevent other individuals from experiencing something similar,” Lee said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kay Day via Instagram DM and to GaTa and Lil Dicky’s publicist via email.

In an Instagram message, Kay Day said that GaTa has also been on lives making fun of her and claims his manager told hers that “it’s not that much money.” She added that her intention isn’t to get GaTa canceled.

“I don’t believe in that. He is a talented actor and I liked him for a reason. But to not just be a bigger man and say your sorry/ admit your wrong is horrible to an independent artist who is also bi polar looking up to him,” Kay Day wrote.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 8:00 pm CST