Burger King customer realizes how much less his Whopper cost in 2022 after finding old coupon

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‘Now it’s $14.99’: Burger King customer realizes how much less his Whopper cost in 2022 after finding old coupon

‘Just one burger.’


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Fast food prices have been steadily rising for years, but it looks like some customers have had enough. According to Business Insider, recent data suggests that consumers are becoming “price weary” and are dining out less frequently as a consequence.

Simultaneously, consumers are also voicing their dissatisfaction on social media platforms like TikTok. Fast food prices have been a big topic of discussion on the platform, with many videos of customers expressing shock at high prices going viral. One customer pointed out the lack of items on the McDonald’s dollar menu, while others railed against Chipotle for allegedly making their portions smaller to cut on costs.

Now, another TikToker’s video is gaining traction after he pointed out a similar trend of drastic price increases at Burger King.

In a clip posted on May 31, TikTok user @quill_chaser begins with a close-up shot of an old Burger King coupon, while they say, “Look at this. $8.99 coupon for Whopper for meal for two. May first 2022, and now it’s $14.99. That is a huge jump, in two years. Literally, two years.” 

The video concludes with a screenshot of the same meal offer, now listed at $14.99 on their phone app.

It has since garnered over 113,000 views, with many users going to the comment section to share their reactions.

“burger king used to sell 2 chicken sandwiches for 4 bucks,” one commenter reminisced.

Another user noted, “as long as people keep buying at these prices nothing will go down in price.”

“I paid 14.09 today for a bacon king just one burger,” a third remarked.

“Yes, it’s ridiculous and I used to eat at Burger King all the time and now I can’t because the prices are just too high. Even with the coupons it’s still too much,” one more shared.

Whopper Meal price increase

According to pricing data collected by FinanceBuzz, “[Burger King] has done a much better job of keeping costs down compared to McDonald’s. While prices at the Golden Arches have doubled on average since 2014, the average cost for Burger King menu items has risen by ‘just’ 55% in that same time.”

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Despite this, the same report shows that the Whopper meal has gone up in cost by 73%, from $5.79 in 2014, to $9.99 in 2024.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @quill_chaser via TikTok comment and to Burger King and McDonald’s via their press email.

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