Whole Foods shopper shares why you should always check your receipt at grocery stores

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‘You have to watch some restaurants too’: Whole Foods shopper shares why you should always check your receipt at grocery stores

‘you wanna make sure that you’re not being scammed’


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Posted on Mar 12, 2024   Updated on Mar 12, 2024, 12:47 am CDT

When making your weekly trip to the grocery store, it’s not often that you may think to check your receipts after. Most times, it seems like you are so caught up trying to get your  Ben and Jerry’s midnight snack in the freezer that your receipt just gets pushed away. Next thing you know it’s been shoved into THAT drawer and stays there for what seems like eternity. 

But in the era of inflation and rising prices, it’s always important to keep your finances in check. Projection by J.P. Morgan Research anticipates that global core inflation will remain at a clammy 3% in 2024.

So, according to confidence coach Brianna, the best way to combat this is through checking your receipts. 

In a TikTok posted March 7, Brianna (@briannanicole____) gained over 26,800 views and 395 likes after advising followers to always check their receipts after going to the grocery store to check for any price discrepancies. Located in Massachusetts, Brianna has dedicated her account to empowering women to be self-aware in their relationships, daily-life, and finances. 

“This is why you always double check your receipts when you’re at the grocery store,” Brianna begins.

Holding a handful of receipts, Brianna began to dive into the retelling of a previous TikTok she had seen. In the video, a woman realized she had been charged $30 over what she had intended to spend at her local CVS. This was because the items purchased actually cost her more than they had originally been listed for on the shelves. 

“Ever since I saw that TikTok,” Brianna says. “I’ve just been making sure things match up, we’re in a weird economy right now and I just wanna make sure that I’m not being scammed.”

Then all of a sudden Brianna brings a beautiful arrangement of white hydrangeas in a decorative pink pot into the frame. Explaining that she had bought them thinking they were absolutely beautiful.

“They’re $16.99, let me get myself some flowers to ring in the springtime,” Brianna exclaims.

But when Brianna went to check-out, she was hit with a not-so-pleasant surprise. 

@briannanicole____ Always check your receipts at the grocery store… #fypシ #economy2024 ♬ original sound – Bri | Confidence Coach

“I was not paying attention when I checked out,” Brianna said. “I got the receipt and they rang up to $19.99.”

It seemed as though the store had overcharged her for the floral arrangement. But, luckily for Brianna, when she confronted the cashier about the discrepancy, she was rewarded a complete refund for the flowers and taxes. So by the end of the matter, Brianna had actually gotten $22 back when she was only expecting $3. 

“Always check your receipts, always make sure that you’re paying attention, taking a mental image of the items that you’re putting in your cart and how much everything costs,” Brianna advised. 

“You wanna make sure that you’re not being scammed at the grocery store,” Brianna says. 

With a goal of trying to help women “take their power back,” Brianna told the Daily Dot in an exclusive interview that she began making these informative TikToks to emphasize the importance of self-awareness with finances. 

“Always keep your eyes peeled for what’s around you because you never know where the discrepancies are in any context,” Brianna says.

Now this isn’t the first time the Daily Dot has heard about price discrepancies in large corporate grocery stores. For one Walmart shopper, he didn’t notice inconsistency between shelf and receipt, but rather between shelves. In different sections of the store, the shopper realized that the same item was labeled at different costs.

Viewers of the video even suggest additional items they were aware of being offered at varying price points across the different departments. 

And while Brianna has yet to experience this level of inconsistency, it was clear that her audience had also encountered situations of a similar caliber.

“I always check my receipt,” one commenter said. “The store charged me $25 for flowers, I didn’t have flowers on my cart.”

Other’s made jokes, stating that while they wish they store had made a mistake, it was usually their fault their costs were so high. 

“I also check my bank to make sure there’s no weird transactions. They’re all mine,” another commenter jokes. 

So was Brianna’s situation just a fluke incident or not? Regardless it’s important to always check because you never know how you may save that extra few bucks here and there. 

Brianna would also like to mention that for any women looking for that extra push or feels as though they may need coaching, to reach out to her via her TikTok.

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*First Published: Mar 12, 2024, 2:00 am CDT