Shopper calls out 'floor walkers' at Walmart

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‘I make direct eye contact and stare because I know’: Walmart shopper calls out ‘floor walkers’ who follow him. Who are they?

This week in Walmart.


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Posted on Sep 1, 2023

While Walmart might not seem like the hippest place in the world, or a breeding ground for viral content, there’s no shortage of trending videos and posts about the retailer on popular social media applications like TikTok.

It’s not difficult to understand why, either: There are tons of folks who work and shop at Walmart, so there’s bound to be a lot of individuals out there browsing the web who find Walmart-related content relatable.

This past week has been no different on TikTok: From Walmart customers complaining about suspicious-looking steaks, to employees having it up to here with customers who treat them as anthropomorphic product scanning machines, there were a lot of Walmart-themed bangers for viewers to enjoy.

No time to scan.

If you’re trying to get a ton of price checks at the cash register, just know that you’re getting on employees’ nerves and are putting more work on their plate for every single one of the items you don’t take home. A Walmart employee called out the practice in a viral TikTok, saying that while he doesn’t mind performing a few scans, he’s encountered shoppers before bringing 100 or so items to checkout, only to have him scan the items just to see what the prices are.

Numerous viewers who saw the video remarked in the comments section that they, too, have seen customers do the same exact thing. Others just couldn’t believe someone would take the time to stand in lane and ask an associate to scan things for them when they could simply check the price online or use their smartphone’s camera to scan the UPC. Or, you know, look at the signs that are posted in the store.

Brown beef.

One Walmart shopper uploaded some video evidence as to why they weren’t exactly enthused about purchasing proteins from the massively popular retailer. In their viral clip, they called out the chain for putting out raw meat that had turned to brown, which, according to the U.S. Department of of Agriculture could be a sign that it has spoiled.

While the color change can simply be chalked up to oxidization and not necessarily proof that the beef in question will have you re-enacting this scene from South Park, if it’s slimy and/or smells bad, that’s when you know you should stay away. But who wants to play that game of roulette?

Floor walkers.

A heavily tatted frequent Walmart shopper says that they’ve noticed a recurring trend whenever he frequents his neighborhood Wally World: There’s always a stalker, usually men that are older than he is, pushing a cart around and pretending to buy stuff, while keeping a watchful eye on him. He calls these folks “floor walkers” and says that while he gets it’s more than likely a loss prevention employee trying to make sure that folks aren’t stealing stuff from the establishment, it ultimately makes him anxious while he shops, cutting down his time in the store.

He asked others if they’ve encountered this same type of phenomenon, while adding that he encounters it quite regularly despite never once stealing anything from the store and heading there weekly for about three years. You’d figure with all of the cooking competition shows featuring chefs with full arm-sleeve tattoos, folks would be more accustomed to seeing them these days.

Gendered peanut butter?

The art of critical writing in many college courses has taught folks to BS ad nauseam by finding meaning and/or controversy in the most mundane of things. But there are a lot of TikTokers who did find it odd that Walmart’s Great Value Peanut Butter selected the colors that they did for their Creamy vs. Crunchy peanut butter brands.

One user on the platform pointed out that the PB variant that contained nuts, while the nut-less one was pink, sparking a litany of “dad jokes” speculation that Walmart would get “canceled” for reinforcing pink = girl and blue = boy gender-color assignments. And you can probably surmise that if Great Value ever changes the colors of the peanut butter variants, there will be folks uploading TikToks about how Walmart “caved” to the woke police.

Friend’s funeral? Go to Walmart jail.

While accruing points is the main goal of many videogames and social media applications, if you’re a Walmart employee, points are a bad thing. The more points you get on your record, the worse it is for you. And while there are a variety of reasons as to why Walmart employees are slapped with points, they’re usually doled out to folks for either arriving late to their shifts, calling out of work, or straight-up no-showing.

Apparently, it’s easy for points to rack up. One Walmart worker went viral on TikTok after stating that they’ve already garnered 2.5 points and they haven’t even been working there for a month.

And while one would think that there would be exceptions to receiving points if they weren’t able to attend a shift, it doesn’t seem like there was much consideration given to one worker who responded to the aforementioned video, saying that they were still slapped with a point for not giving a week’s notice before attending the funeral of loved one.

Not eggsactly what they ordered.

Online ordering fails aren’t uncommon, especially when it comes to quantity errors, just ask this Walmart shopper who simply wanted to order 2 dozen eggs. But instead of receiving 24 huevos, they ended up with 240 of the protein-packed ovules.

A TikToker uploaded a video showing a Walmart delivery service dropping off 60 egg cases to her home, giving her 10 times the amount of eggs her sister originally intended on purchasing. She humorously asked other followers on the platform if they had any egg recipes and there were a few legitimate suggestions, like utilizing them in baked goods that could have extended shelf-lives, and making a big batch of deviled eggs. Of course, there were others who had jokes, like someone who quipped that she should go door-to-door ringing a bell alerting the neighborhood that they had eggs for sale.

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*First Published: Sep 1, 2023, 12:41 pm CDT