Walmart customer ends up with 240 eggs delivered to her house

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‘I only wanted 2’: Walmart customer accidentally ends up with 240 eggs delivered to her house

‘Who has egg recipes?’


Phil West


One of the perils of modern life is making an online order resulting in getting more of a food item than you’re expecting—sometimes much, more more.

That’s the experience of a Walmart customer who was expecting far less than the 240 eggs she ordered.

The video documenting what happened comes from the sister of the customer, TikTok creator Kristen Marie, who notes in her on-screen caption, “My sister ordered 240 eggs to my house from Walmart.”

So far, the video has attracted nearly 149,000 views in two days since going up Friday. It uses a voice filter to narrate their text and voice memo exchange.

@krizten2283 who has egg recipes? 😂 #walmart #walmartplus #groceryhaul #eggs #breakfasthack #littlesister #fail #toofunny #help ♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

Responding to a text from the sister who says, “HELL YEAH IMA COME” in all caps, the creator says, “Hell motherf*cking yeah, you better come. You better come get and all these motherf*cking … eggs.”

“HOLY SH*T, I accidentally ordered four. I only wanted two,” the sister responds—meaning that if she only wanted two of the 60-egg boxes in the video, that’s still 120 eggs. She then asks, “What the f*ck am I gonna do with all these eggs.”

In the caption, the creator asked, “Who has egg recipes?”

Commenters had suggestions on how to make the most of the situation.

“Lots and lots and lots of baking,” said one user.

The creator responded, “We need recipes dropped bc that’s a lot of baked goods.”

Several suggested selling them, perhaps door-to-door in her neighborhood, which prompted the creator to write, “Eggs here come get ya eggs here!”

Someone else suggested deviled eggs, noting, “You can easily eat a dozen no problem.”

But the creator remarked, “I don’t think i could consume a dozen eggs in one sitting.”

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The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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