White Castle worker dancing with caption 'another day just standing around for $15hr cuz nb eats white castles' (l) White Castle building with sign (c) White Castle worker dancing with caption 'another day just standing around for $15hr cuz nb eats white castles' (r)

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‘Another day just standing around for 15hr’: Worker says her $15/hr White Castle gig is ‘easiest job of my life’

‘nb eats at White Castles.’


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TikToker and White Castle worker Conceited (@._.itsnotaphasemom) makes the case that a restaurant gig is a lot easier when the chain isn’t as busy as some of the other more popular fast food options available.

Over the last few years, fast-food chains have begun to combat an industry-wide shortage of workers with higher wages. Several chains are now offering almost double the minimum wage to entice new applicants.

But according to this worker, making more money isn’t the only key to being happy with your fast food gig.


easiet job of my life

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In a video posted on June 27, the worker says working at White Castle is the “easiet [sic] job of my life” because nobody eats at White Castle.

The short clip has been viewed over 274,000 times. In it, the TikToker films herself in her work uniform, dancing in the restaurant’s bathroom. The text overlay reads: “Another day just standing around for $15hr cuz nb eats White Castles.”

Though White Castle is often credited for inventing the fast-food hamburger as we know it, the 102-year-old chain has never risen to the volume of business of competing eateries like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. This has arguably kept it from the faster growth that other franchised restaurants have experienced.

“I forever be questioning how my local White Castle still open,” one user commented on the video.

“I gotta see what they have in person for me to try it because little burgers don’t seem all that appealing only from Harold and [Kumar] movie,” another added, referring to the 2004 film about two stoners who go on an epic adventure while in search of the famed sliders.

Many of the comments on Conceited’s video loudly proclaimed their love for the small but beloved chain, especially those living in areas where the restaurant doesn’t operate.

“White castle good asf everytime i go to ny i gotta get some,” wrote one person.


Conceited herself admitted that the restaurant does get busy at certain times of the day.

“They 24hrs and ppl get the munchies at 1am and order the whole menu,” she noted.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Conceited via TikTok comment and White Castle via email.

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