Airbnb host shows all the snacks and goods her guests left behind, including a Dos Equis keg

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‘I can never imagine leaving all this stuff’: Airbnb host shows all the snacks and goods her guests left behind, including a Dos Equis keg

‘I can never imagine leaving all this stuff’


Stacy Fernandez


Many Airbnb hosts get bothered when their guests leave behind food or party decor. Some even explicitly prohibit parties. But this host seems to get a kick out of showing all the snacks and goods her guests left behind—including a Dos Equis keg.

In a viral video, TikTok user and Texas Airbnb host Sofia Kaiser (@sopapilla89k) walked viewers through one of her Airbnb homes. It appears like after a group of guests, who seemed to have had a party there, recently checked out. In the caption, Kaiser explains that her home can host up to 13 people, and they actually encourage get-togethers.

As she walks through the kitchen, Kaiser also finds unopened bags of chips, Cheeze-It, an open pack of batteries, jello shots, pizzas, frozen french fries, a Halloween-themed ice-making container, and beers—including a Dos Equis mini keg.

@sopapilla89k What our guest left behind in our Airbnb! Our home host 13 people and we encourage get togethers! #texas #leftbehind #fyp #vacationmode #travel #comevisit#CapCut ♬ original sound – Kaiser

“I’m not even mad. How can people be mad when people leave stuff behind like this? If you leave behind trash, I’ll be a little mad. But like this stuff? That’s just gonna be added to my collection,” Kaiser said.

She walks over to a closet and turns on the lights, revealing a collection of fun or useful items guests have left behind, like miniature flamingo floaties, plastic champagne flutes, fake Hawaiian leis, and even a slow cooker.

“One day I hope this whole room is filled with just like quirky things that people could use,” Kaiser said.

She added that she doesn’t charge people when they leave those kinds of things behind. The fee more so comes up when there’s excessive trash, like four full trash cans (since on pickup day, they only take two bags).

The video, which is the fourth part in a series, has more than 1.2 million views and nearly 300 comments. Several people commented on the amount of food left behind.

“A whole grocery trip,” a top comment read.

“I’ve left a lot of untouched food behind because I can’t bring it with me to the airport or wherever I’m going next!” a person explained.

“lol we leave food behind too and a note ‘whatever’s left is for whoever cleans this room’ with the actual tip,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kaiser for comment via Instagram direct message.

In a response, she shared that her grandmother used to live in the home, which her grandfather built. Now that her grandmother had to move out to be closer to family as she ages, Kaiser took over the mortgage and is paying it off through Airbnb. So far she’s been documenting the process of doing projects in the home and seeing what people leave behind.

“The home is meant for large families and has room for a family of 13! So It’s been really nice seeing large families come in and get to be under one roof instead of multiple people in a hotel! The new series i started where we document what guest left behind has been really fun!”

She added that, “Airbnb has a bad rep, so I am trying to change that and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone!”

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