Walmart worker jokes about showing up 1 hour late when store is understaffed

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‘Can’t fire your only worker’: Walmart worker jokes about showing up 1 hour late when store is understaffed

'I did this everyday for 6 months until I got fired.'


Melody Heald


Posted on May 15, 2023

A Walmart worker’s clip went viral on TikTok after joking about arriving to work an hour late when the store is short-staffed.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @linthakidd who typically posts content about his job at Walmart. In this skit, he parks his car after “showing up to work 1 hour late.” However, he writes that he isn’t too worried about it since his store was short on workers. In the caption, added, “Can’t fire your only worker (jusjokes).”

@linthakidd Can’t fire your only worker 😂 (jusjokes) #walmartassociate #walmartemployee #walmartworker #walmart #foryoupage ♬ original sound – L.BOOGZ🫧

The Daily Dot reached out to @linthakidd via TikTok direct message and TikTok comment regarding the video. The video garnered over 225,000 views as of Monday, resonating with alleged current Walmart workers.

“No fr lmao I just don’t give a crap,” one viewer wrote.

“Me and my home girl everyday and this will be me tmr,” a second agreed.

“This me and I just started lmaooo,” a third echoed.

However, former and current employees shared the repercussions of arriving late.

“My job don’t gaf they be firin ppl when they feel like it that’s why we don’t got no workers,” one user said.

“This was me and then I got fired,” a second shared.

“I’m OGP and our coach fired at 5 points no matter how short staffed we are,” a third revealed.

In addition, others revealed how many ‘points’ they’re currently sitting at, referring to the attendance policy Walmart workers are graded with.

“Me with my 4.5 points an all,” one person commented.

“Nah i got 5.5 points im scareddd,” a second stated.

“Me at 9.5 points,” a third revealed.

So, what is Walmart’s policy regarding clocking in? According to Food Items, there’s a nine-minute grace period for clocking in and out.  Walmart operates on a point system with a limit of five points. If an employee accumulates six points, they’re reportedly terminated.

“When starting to work for the company, you get a blank slate of up to five points. If you get six points, your employment is terminated. Other employment infractions may also earn you points as well. Walmart’s point system works for six-month periods,” per Zippa.

In addition, Walmart is infamous for its understaffing, dating as far back as 2013. Both customers and employees alike have complained about this. Walmart has also reportedly cut 17,456 jobs in 2023 alone. This number continues to rise.

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*First Published: May 15, 2023, 2:18 pm CDT