Walmart shopper leaves watermelon outside for 1 week

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‘No ants?’: Viewers shocked after Walmart shopper leaves his watermelon outside for a whole week—and it looks like this

‘I give my chickens watermelon every year!! This year it sat outside and they walked away!’


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Watermelons left outside eventually become moldy and filled with crevices. However, a man’s watermelon didn’t do that after sitting outside for a week, leading the internet to wonder what gives.

TikTok user @user7421262716379 filmed a watermelon left outside in a viral video. “OK, y’all. I took this Walmart watermelon out over a week ago,” he said in a video with 3.7 million views. “It smelt really good.”

However, when he sliced it open, he noticed something odd. “When I cut it open, it was like plastic. Tasting it was absolutely horrible,” he said. Subsequently, the content creator said he decided to toss it outside. Instead of being dry or gritty, it resembled uncooked red meat. “What’s going on?”@user7421262716379 concluded, zooming in on the watermelon guts.

@user7421262716379 shared his theory in the text overlay, “Walmart watermelon not real. This tasteless rubber was left outside 1 week ago! Looks like meat!”

The Daily Dot reached out to @user7421262716379 via TikTok comment and direct message as well as Walmart via media contact form and the Food and Drug Administration via press email. This all left viewers in the comments section shocked.

“no ants? oh we are cooked,” one viewer remarked.

“It didn’t even rot,” a second noted.

Furthermore, others shared their experiences.

“My bearded dragon won’t even eat watermelon this year and it’s his absolute favorite fruit. I knew something was up then,” one user stated.

“I give my chickens watermelon every year!! This year it sat outside and they walked away!” a second shared.

“so i’m not the only one noticing that watermelon (and berries too) have been tasting REALLY off this year compared to last year,” a third wrote.

Could Walmart watermelon be lab-grown?

Ever since 2017, Walmart has been trying to find a way to compete with Amazon. Their solution? Growing produce in a laboratory based in Bentonville, Arkansas, according to Business Insider. In addition, cantaloupe, tomatoes, birthday cake-flavored oatmeal, and fruit punch-flavored pickles are lab-grown. So, yes, the viral watermelon could be lab-grown.


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How to spot fake fruit

Although fake fruit resembles and smells like real fruit, there is a way to spot it: Checking the barcode. “A 4-digit code means conventionally grown, while a 5-digit one starting with 9 means organic and a 5-digit code starting with 8 means genetically modified,” per Eating Well. Moreover, fake fruit won’t decay and attract bugs.

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