Walmart shopper has to walk around with shopping cart full of locked-up items

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‘I feel embarrassed carrying this around’: Walmart shopper has to walk around with shopping cart full of locked-up items

'This is ridiculous.'


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Posted on May 13, 2024   Updated on May 13, 2024, 3:36 pm CDT

One Walmart shopper shared the shame she felt while walking through the store carrying “double-locked” items in a viral clip on TikTok. Retailers like Walmart and Target have been under fire in recent years for their strong security measures—but some shoppers report locked-up items being taken a step further.

Esme (@kultruz) posted a video of a recent experience at a Walmart location where she bought some health & beauty products along with makeup wipes. All of the items she intended on buying had to be placed in separate locking mechanisms as she walked throughout the store.

She surmised that these stringent security measures are ultimately dissuading folks from frequenting Walmart and sending folks to Target instead. But many viewers in the comments section stated that the “lock it up” approach to retail is more widespread than she may think.

“I’m at Walmart and I get the locking up makeup and whatnot, but you’re telling me you have to lock up some makeup wipes in this wire compartment? Like, and everything that I touched in that department had to be put in a box like what?” she says, showing off the makeup wipes that were housed in a metal mesh contraption beside a locked plastic box filled with toiletries.

“And this is why I think people move to going to Target instead of Walmart…’cause what the hell? I feel embarrassed carrying this around,” she says, showing off the makeup wipes in the metal mesh container again.

Commenters on TikTok shared in Esme’s frustration.

One viewer quipped, “Might as well just have an employee escort you through the store. Our personal shopper but fr this is ridiculous.”

Another stated that these security protocols have an overall negative effect on the shopping experience. “Or they make you wait forever to unlock each item than have an attitude everything is locked,” they wrote. (This Walmart customer would certainly agree.)

The criticism of Walmart continued with another remark from a commenter who responded to Esme’s clip. “Also no apple pay,” they stated. Esme joked that she “forgot [her] card” in response..

However, some commenters pushed back on Esme’s speculation that folks are opting to shop at Target instead of Walmart over security measures. One user on the app said, “My target is starting to do this,” while someone else replied, “Target does this be QUIET.”

The Daily Dot has previously reported on Target shoppers blasting the retailer for putting necessity items like lotions, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and other toiletries under lock and key as well.

In December 2022, Walmart CEO Doug McMillion stated that rampant thefts in its facilities would lead to potential price hikes and eventual store closures in key areas if stealing continued. His projection was ultimately correct; The Arkansas-based chain ultimately shuttered 24 of its stores (four of which were in Chicago) in 2023, and eight in 2024 so far.


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Other Walmart patrons have also blasted the chain for its “double locking” policy, stating that not only are they required to request a worker key into drawers for items, but then those products are subsequently placed inside bins akin to the one Esme showed off in her video.

Even mobile order shoppers have experienced the frustration of enduring the locked item struggle. One customer received a package of Polaroid film strapped with a security tag his item picker or delivery driver neglected to remove.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Esme via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 13, 2024, 8:00 pm CDT