Walmart shopper finds Great Value turkey breast on ‘Manager’s Special.’ There’s a reason it’s on sale

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‘I don’t buy great value ever’: Walmart shopper finds Great Value turkey breast on ‘Manager’s Special.’ There’s a reason it’s on sale

'Too busy chasing us around for receipts.'


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Posted on Feb 9, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:42 pm CST

A Walmart shopper uploaded a viral TikTok clip detailing why they thought the packets of Great Value turkey breast at their store were significantly discounted: because they have mold growing on them.

Bex (@traveler_bex) posted a video that sparked a viral discussion on the freshness of Walmart’s offerings, and it seems like she isn’t the only customer who’s come across moldy deli meat slices while shopping at the chain.

“Look it’s on sale, you know why? This is why,” she says, grabbing a package of the turkey breast slices and showing off its side. “Mold… mold in your turkey breast.”There appears to be a portion of the meat on the upper left-hand side that is exhibiting some type of bacterial growth.

“On sale. Walmart special, moldy turkey breast,” she says before the video ultimately cuts out.

One commenter wrote that their family probably wouldn’t have found the mold on the breast to be that big of a deal: “Knowing dad he’d cut around the mold and still eat [it].”

Someone else quipped, “How many packs did you get it’s a great price.”

Others said they a difficult time spotting the mold because it almost appears to look like a sticker in Bex’s video. But if it is what Bex says, then it’s such a highly concentrated mold so pressed together that it forms what looks like a solid seal of nastiness.

Another user on the app wanted to know if there was mold on all of the turkey breast slices or just the one that she showed off on video “What about all the rest or is it just that one that you particularly found,” they asked.

@traveler_bex ✨Manager’s Special✨ Moldy turkey breast @Walmart #tennessee #walmart #sale ♬ original sound – Bex

It’s not the first time a Walmart customer has posted about finding mold on deli meats while shopping at the chain. Jazzmyn Alexis (@jazzmynalexis) posted a video of her own criticizing the retailer for carrying products that have visible patches of mold growing on them. The video was also uploaded well past the “best by” date labeled on the package of food.

Jazzmyn says in her video, “This is a friendly reminder to check your meat before you buy it because Walmart doesn’t. I found this moldy a**, nasty a** meat on the shelf in late July and it expired in May. Ick.”

@jazzmynalexis ‼️CHECK FOR MOLD BEFORE YOU BUY‼️ and yes, I notified the walmart employees of this #walmart #walmartfails #mold #moldyfood #moldymeat ♬ original sound – Jazzmyn Alexis

The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2016 that there were several Walmart chains in the area caught selling expired items, “including baby food.”

According to the outlet, several customers contacted the publication to complain about how they “found dozens of expired merchandise on the shelves at Walmart stores in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.” The newspaper went on to find even more stores keeping items that were past their best-by dates out in the open for shoppers to purchase.

But why is expired food getting out on the floor in the first place? According to one Walmart employee who commented, it’s got more to do with corporate greed and workers being told to place items on shelves regardless of the content. “I work at Walmart we’re just told to put them out not check them so we’re just doing what we’re told to do not trying to get in trouble,” they said.

Bex replied that she didn’t upload the post to cast shade on Walmart employees, noting that she previously worked for the chain as well: “I don’t blame the worker. I worked at Walmart before I know how that corporation is, this is a slam to the company in general bc they’re greedy.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Bex via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2024, 7:00 am CST