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‘Six years with no ring is deranged behavior’: Viewers slam girlfriend for ‘begging’ for a $128 Walmart engagement ring. They can’t believe her boyfriend’s response

‘Ladies, we got to do better.’


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A woman has gone viral after “begging” her boyfriend for a Walmart engagement ring. In the clip, Anahy (@ruedaa_aanahy) zooms in on a Walmart engagement ring, saying to her partner, “$128, that’s all it takes. What’s your excuse?” To which the partner replies, “I haven’t found anyone to marry yet.”

Since it was posted on Friday days ago, the video has been viewed 583,300 times— but as viewers expressed their shock at the video, comments have been turned off. 

Anahy didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

Viewers were stunned at the man’s attitude

One viewer who was especially opinionated about the drama was Jazmin Daneen (@lifeinabundancewithjd), as she shared her reaction to the video with 520,300 TikTok viewers. She described the man’s attitude in the video as “diabolical.” 

“I would have left Walmart so fast,” she said. “My grandma used to always say, ‘Never let a man tell you he didn’t want you twice.’ That was not that man’s first time. That was probably his 15,000th time.” She then issued a PSA to the women watching the video, saying, “Ladies, we got to do better. We got to do better. I know I got commitment issues … but this is the time to leave.”

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In the comments section, viewers were equally stunned by the man’s attitude. One TikToker said, “Here’s my take: she lowered her standards to a Walmart engagement ring and he still said ‘No.’ He meant ‘No’ the other 99 times.”

Another said, “She basically begged him for a ring. His response was priceless.” A third remarked how “crazy” the situation is because “if she just let that man go, she’ll find someone who wants to marry her.”

In fact, commenters were so opinionated about the situation that Daneen made a second video wherein she shared more context about Anahy and her partner. According to Daneen, the TikToker has been with the man for six years.

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“I’m not trying to kick a woman when she’s down,” she said. “I just want her to recognize that she’s down.” She added that while “six years with no ring is deranged behavior,” six years with no ring and three kids is “delusional.”

Daneen didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

This isn’t the first time an engagement ring has sparked trouble on the internet. Back in August 2023, TikToker Marissa (@flaneurflaneuring) recounted the time she witnessed a proposal in the Mexican restaurant where she worked. But here’s the kicker—the ring was hidden inside a burrito. 

Things soon went haywire when the kitchen mixed up the orders, which led to the boyfriend accidentally eating and choking on the ring. After a few slaps on the back, the ring was removed, but we imagine it somewhat killed the mood. If nothing else, at least it was a testament to that man’s commitment.

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