Server says customer proposed with engagement ring in burrito.

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‘It’s our busiest night of the year, it might be hard to arrange’: Server says customer proposed with engagement ring in burrito. It backfired


Melody Heald


A former server went viral on TikTok after recalling a customer who proposed via an engagement ring hidden in a burrito. Sadly, the maneuver backfired.

In the video, user Marissa (flaneurflaneuring) reveals that she used to work in a Mexican restaurant. According to Marissa, Cinco de Mayo was the often one of the busiest and most memorable shifts of the year. “Those shifts were always fun because you could almost guarantee you were gonna see some pretty questionable decisions get made,” she says.

One such decision occurred one day when a customer asked if the restaurant could hide an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s burrito. Marissa warned the customer that it would be a busy night, and therefore not the best place to conduct a delicate operation. “It’s our busiest night of the year, it might be hard to arrange,” she noted. But the would-be groom wouldn’t budge.

@flaneurflaneuring What kind of food would you put the ring in to propose? 🌯💍🍋 #storytime #restaurant #proposal #engagement #burrito ♬ original sound – Marissa

As Marissa predicted, the plan went off the rails quickly. A mix-up in the kitchen led to the boyfriend choking on the ring. It took several slaps on the back from his dinner companions for the customer to cough it up. Ultimately, Marissa can’t remember how the girlfriend answered, but she says she thinks about the couple every time she eats a burrito.

The video racked up over 649,000 views, with many users commenting to express disapproval with the idea of a ring placed inside food.

“I will never understand putting a ring in someone’s food- I can’t imagine this hasn’t ended very badly,” one viewer wrote.

“It needs to be a universal thing. Rings do not belong in food! so glad it turned out OK!” a second user agreed.

“Putting it in the food feels like such a liability lol. I feel like it could be just as cute to just have the ring on top of the burrito when served,” a third user wrote.

Marissa is known for telling entertaining stories about her past work experiences on TikTok. Earlier this summer, she recounted a story from when she worked at an ice cream shop as a teenager in which an adult customer essentially bullied her into giving him two free ice cream sundaes.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marissa via Instagram DM and TikTok for comment.

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