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Walmart customer speculates he’s being followed by a ‘floor walker’

'Someone thinks I’m stalking when I’m just shopping.'


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Posted on Oct 4, 2023   Updated on Oct 4, 2023, 4:12 pm CDT

TikToker @bigbagspenny616 has previously posted about the Walmart “floor walkers” he suspects are in-store security guards tasked with pretending they’re shoppers to keep tabs on customers perusing the aisles of its stores.

In another video about the phenomenon, he records himself on a shopping trip with his young son, where he purportedly records a floor walker watching him closely.


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“Right when we walk in, me and my son grab a cart, and we notice this lady coming from the other side of the store with nothing in her cart,” the TikToker says as he pushes a cart his son is happily riding through the store’s aisles.

“Then, on our first aisle we go into, we see this guy,” he continues. “He’s got nothing in his cart but sh*t you could put back, and he stops at the frozen pie selection. Now, anyone who’s gonna get a frozen pie, I guess you might take a couple minutes to decide. This guy stood there for about 10 minutes trying to pick out a pie. And guess what? He didn’t pick no pie out. As soon as we started walking away, he left out the aisle too. Then, we seen him right after, and he had just those nonperishables on his cart. That’s because he’s gonna turn back around and put those back at some point in time. He couldn’t grab that pie because that pie would unthaw, and it would go bad, and that is not part of his job for him to do it like that.”

In another part of the video, the TikToker catches the man on camera with the cart of nonperishable items. “There he is ’cause he thought we were checking out too, but we turned down another aisle,” he says before the video cuts out.

Commenters who saw the TikToker’s post thought he was being “paranoid” about his shopping experience. One person quipped: “this happened to me too when i suddenly stopped my anti psychotic.”

“Today in suffering from paranoia…” another wrote.

Several other users pointed out that while the TikToker may have thought it was suspicious for the man to stand in front of the frozen dessert section for 10 minutes, the person he suspected of being a “floor walker” may have thought the TikToker was stalking him for 10 minutes straight as well.

“Imagine just taking your time and looking for a lil treat and some dude starts recording you for no reason lmao,” one commenter wrote.

“You noticed someone in the freezer aisle for 10 minutes while you were in the frozen aisle for 10 minutes,” a second noted.

Another joked, “Other guy pov: check out this floor walker with a kid I’ve been acting like I’m getting pie and he just keeps watching me.”

Some viewers offered their own reasoning as to why someone would stand in front of items for so long without actually buying anything.

“If I’m standing in the freezer isle staring at pie for 10 minutes it’s because I’m having an internal battle of whether or not I should get it,” one person said.

Another quipped, “Bro, work at a grocery store, I see people standing in front of the beans section for 30 min and get nothing.”

“I’m not gunna lie,” someone else said. “I be staring at stuff for a few minutes wishing I could afford it.”

Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon has said that a surge in theft across various locations has adversely affected the company’s bottom line and may lead to price hikes if the problem continues, CNBC reported in December of 2022.

And it appears that the chain is implementing a variety of anti-theft protocols in its stores in an attempt to curb the issue. However, some believe that the retailer is taking things a bit too far, like one shopper who found a security tag placed under a steak they bought from the chain.

The Daily Dot contacted Walmart via email and @bigbagspenny616 via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2023, 4:11 pm CDT