Walmart shopper can't believe price on tray of 12 mini sliders

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‘Better go to Costco’: Walmart shopper can’t believe price on tray of 12 mini sliders

'That's why they still sitting there.'


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Posted on Dec 21, 2023   Updated on Dec 21, 2023, 8:23 am CST

Walmart touts “everyday low prices.” However, one customer said the everyday prices aren’t so low anymore after she saw how much a tray of 12 mini sliders costs.

In a six-second clip, TikToker Nekisha Green (@nekishagreen) stood before a cooler filled with trays of mini sliders and cupcakes. “So, I seen this at Walmart today,” she said. Above the cooler was a sign that read “everyday low price.” Then, Green zoomed in on the sliders. “I’m trying to figure out how does 12 slider sandwiches cost $26?” 

Green emphasized her confusion in the caption, writing, “Help me understand this!!!”

@nekishagreen Help me understand this!!! #walmart #slidera #wtf #thiswhatwedoing #wow ♬ original sound – Nekisha Green

The Daily Dot reached out to Green via TikTok comment and direct message and Walmart via media relationships form. The video garnered over 185,000 views, leaving commenters puzzled as well.

“I can’t figure out how most things at Wally World costs as much and they do. Crazy!” one viewer wrote.

“Damn!! I hate it here!!!” a second commented.

In addition, others shared how much they’ve spent at Walmart.

“Now everything is expensive which is ridiculous but what I want to know is how 4 bottles of soda is 16 dollars now?” one viewer stated.

“I literally went on the walmart app and a pack of deli ham, velveeta cheese slices, and a pack of a 12 count Hawaiian rolls all together is 12.16 LMAO,” a second shared.

One viewer even joked, “Better to go to Costco.”

Green isn’t the only Walmart customer to bring attention to its rising prices. TikToker Curtis compared the cost of Walmart’s Great Value products in 2020 to the costs now. He noted that most of the products on the grocery order he referenced had doubled in price in the three years.

As customers continue to notice rising food costs, many wonder: Is inflation to blame? According to Super Market News, yes, inflation is part of the problem. Additionally, “Ecological challenges, including extreme weather and Avian flu, meaningfully impacted the food supply. Together with widespread Covid fear, these shortages sparked panic buying. All of these factors drove food inflation to 8.6% in February 2022, before Russia attacked Ukraine.”

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2023, 10:00 am CST