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Target shopper records customers rushing to get exclusive Valentine’s Day Stanley Cup

‘They’re nice cups but I don’t get it.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jan 4, 2024   Updated on Jan 3, 2024, 6:56 pm CST

Since going viral on TikTok, Stanley tumblers have become very popular, especially among young people. For Valentine’s Day this year, Stanley decided to release new cups in exclusive shades of red and pink. 

Stanley released the Valentine’s Day cups at Target on Dec. 31. Since then, several TikTokers have posted viral videos of the madness surrounding the cups that day.

In one video, TikToker Victoria Robino (@victoria_robino_26) says the Valentine’s Day cups were sold out at her local Target in just four minutes. Her video received over 16.3 million views and 848,000 likes as of publication.

In her video, viewers see about 20 people rushing around the Stanley display in order to get their special cups. 

There is a sign on the display that says, “Stanley Quantity Limit: 2 per guest.” 

Despite the sign, multiple customers in the video can be seen grabbing handfuls of Stanley cups. A worker even repeats the rule since some do not seem to follow it. “Guys, our limit’s 2 per guest,” a voice off-screen says before the video ends.

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Viewers in the comments section said they would never care—or pay—so much for a cup. 

“They’re nice cups but I don’t get it,” one said.

“Lmao yeah, I have one Stanley and that’s enough,” a second shared.

“Stanley definitely knows what they are doing, everyone and their mom wants one,” another remarked. “Idk, I still can’t wrap my head around paying that much for a cup.” 

“Am I missing something?” is it like everyone’s goals to collect as much colors as you can or?” another commenter asked, receiving over 17,000 likes.

A viewer responded to the comment explaining, “God forbid we enjoy something and it pisses y’all off and you feel the need to make fun of us…”

Another commenter responded, “Enjoy your cup, truly, but this behavior is flat out ugly.” 

In another viral video, a Target employee, Kody Forren (, recorded customers rushing into his store immediately after opening. Forren’s TikTok has reached over 6.3 million views and 767,000 likes.

In the video, Forren hides behind one of the aisles while sticking his phone out to secretly record the customers running into the store.

The eight-second clip shows around 10 customers making a full sprint to the Valentine’s Day Stanley display. 😀 #stanleycup #target #fyp ♬ Ick – Alt Ending – Lay Bankz

Viewers of this video also shared their takes in the comments section. One comment with over 162,000 likes says, “You’ll never catch me running through a store for a cup,” followed by a crying emoji. 

“THE FACT THAT SOMEONE LITERALLY FELL,” another viewer points out. 

One viewer suggests that customers are forgetting that Stanleys can be purchased online. “They have a website you know,” the comment with 18,400 likes says. However, the $45 cups are sold out on Target’s website. The site also notes that the new colors are part of “Stanley’s exclusive Galentine’s Collection, only at Target.”

In recent Daily Dot headlines, a customer got turned down after trying to purchase the Valentine’s Stanley a day early. Another said she was trampled by customers when trying to buy her Stanley cup on release date.

The Daily Dot reached out to Robino and Forren via TikTok direct message and Target via email.

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*First Published: Jan 4, 2024, 3:00 am CST