Ulta customer issues dire warning before signing up for their rewards card

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‘I have paid almost $100 for a $50 purchase’: Ulta customer warns against signing up for rewards card

'Oh never get a store card period I made that mistake.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Dec 2, 2023

An Ulta customer is warning others to think twice before getting an “Ultamate” rewards credit card, claiming she ended up having to pay almost $100 for a $50 because of unexpected fees.

In a video viewed more than 657,00 times as of Friday, TikTok creator Crystin (@cryswalker00) gives her viewers a public service announcement about her using her rewards credit card.

“PSA, if you’re thinking of getting an Ulta credit card, don’t f*cking do it,” Crystin says. “These fools are so freaking shady.”

She then recounts how she used the card for a $50 purchase, and after paying off the full balance, she received a bill in the mail a few months later for $16.

After speaking with customer service, she says she found out she was charged a $2 interest fee after paying the full balance. The representative she spoke to allegedly said late fees were piled on the $2 fee. She then paid the fees but got another bill in the mail—this time for $35.

“So I called him up again. ‘What the heck? Why am I still being billed? I’ve paid my card off twice now,’” Crystin says. “They refused to take the fees off. They didn’t even really give me an explanation.”

“Now I have paid almost $100 for a $50 purchase,” Crystin later laments. “If I get another bill from these fools…”

According to their website, Ulta offers three rewards card options: a loyalty program that does not include a credit card, a rewards Mastercard that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and a rewards credit card that can only be used at Ulta Beauty stores.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ulta via email for further comment.

NerdWallet reported that the Ulta credit card includes a lack of reward flexibility and a high interest rate, particularly if a person carries a balance from month to month.

@cryswalker00 First Ulta f*cked up my hair cut now this. They are now on my 💩list 😒 #ulta #ultacreditcard ♬ original sound – Crystin

Viewers of Crystin’s video sympathized with her experience.

“I work in credit cards ! You have to ask for a pay in full quote that will make sure any residual interest is covered and avoid this,” user Marisol Valles (@@marisolvalles5) said.

“Ulta, Sephora, and Kohl’s credit cards are on our finance guy’s no list,” user Devie Bunting (@deviebunting) said.

“I would sue them,” user @itsbinnybaby said. “I did and got a check for $500 and the account officially closed plus the pending balance removed.”

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*First Published: Dec 2, 2023, 7:53 am CST