Uber Eats customer reports the main portion of her order is missing

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‘There’s a whole item of my order missing’: Uber Eats customer reports missing burger from burger combo. She doesn’t expect Uber’s response

'Seriously, when did Uber Eats get so cheap!'


Sarah Conklin


Posted on Mar 10, 2024   Updated on Mar 10, 2024, 2:04 pm CDT

TikToker Casey was surprised to find the burger missing from her Uber Eats order. But even more shocking? Uber’s customer service response to her missing item. 

Casey (@coachedby_casey) shared her Uber Eats fail in a viral TikTok, along with a warning: Boycott Uber Eats!

The video has been viewed over 17,000 times as of Sunday.

Casey’s video opens with said warning. “This is why we have to stop using uber eats” she claims, pointing above her. The background shows a screenshot of her conversation with customer service. 

“Hi Casey,” the conversation reads. “We can confirm this order isn’t eligible for a refund or price adjustment.” 

“The customer service is absolutely garbage,” Casey exclaims.

She then goes on to explain what happened with her order.

“So here’s my order,” she says as the background switches to a photo of the delivery bag. “I got a burger, which was like the main part of the order.”

She then shares that along with her burger, she ordered poutine-style fries and a drink.

“As you can see… no burger!” she explains gesturing to the photo. There is a box of fries and a pepsi, but no burger in sight.

Casey is visibly frustrated as she begins to talk through the process of asking for a refund with customer service. 

“This is an entire item missing from my order …and it is the main part of the order,” she says. The background shows a screenshot of a lengthy response from Casey as she tries to explain the conundrum. In her reply, Casey threatens to cancel her Uberone membership. 

Uber One is a membership service that provides discounts across Uber platforms. Subscribers can save on free delivery, and get discounts on certain restaurants and rides. Membership will cost you $9.99 for a month, or $99.00 for a year. But as Casey warns, the poor customer service might outweigh the membership perks.

The missing order was especially frustrating to Casey who is seven months pregnant. In the video she explains a side of fries is not enough for her to eat. 

“Uber this is your sign…do better for your customers,” she concludes.

@coachedby_casey Boycott Uber Eats ! @Uber Eats #ubereats #boycott #uber #poorcustomerservice ♬ original sound – Casey | Fitness Coach

Commenters related to Casey’s experience. 

“I got the ‘you seem to be having a lot of issues with your orders’ how is that my fault? All I do is place the order and pay!!!” @melid2310 wrote.

“They said no to my refund a few months ago because the pizza I got wasn’t gluten free- but it would’ve made my friend so sick,” @chloehatescheese said of her experience.

One user had an answer for why the order might have been ineligible for a refund.

Alex Watson explained, “This happened to me. I needed to refund little things a lot for not getting it at all. After asking why it’s ‘not eligible’ a million times I FINALLY was told because I got too many refunds and the only way I’ll know if I can get a refund on my account again is by trying to get it and seeing if it works (said the employee) I paid a membership and everything. I hate it!”

The Daily Dot has covered other instances of dissatisfaction with Uber Eats, from both the driver and customer perspective. Robot delivery bots, tip baiting, and consumed orders all beget Casey’s question: “Seriously, when did Uber Eats get so cheap!” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Casey via direct message and to Uber Eats via email.

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*First Published: Mar 10, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT