Woman shares PSA about the jewelry in the jewelry case at TJ Maxx

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‘I was today years old’: Woman shares PSA about the jewelry in the jewelry case at T.J. Maxx

‘Who was going to tell me?’


Melody Heald


T.J. Maxx is partially known for its hard-to-find hidden gems, such as viral and designer merchandise. TikTok user Mandy (@mandy.willardd) revealed her latest discovery in the retailer’s jewelry section.

“Did you know this about T.J. Maxx? ‘Cause I surely did not,” she starts in her video. “I was today years old when I looked in that jewelry case in T.J. Maxx, and boy, were my eyes pleasantly surprised.”

Then, she reveals her discovery. “They have real gold, real diamonds, real designer Gucci, and that kind of stuff,” she says. Furthermore, Mandy says, much to her delight, that the store sells dupes of expensive jewelry.

Mandy then shows off the necklace she purchased. It is a Van Cleef dupe. The real Van Cleef necklace retails for $ 2,900. However, Mandy’s knockoff only cost her $24. “And it’s reversible,” she exclaims. The front side is pearl-colored with gemstones, while the backside is black.

“They have the matching bracelet, the matching earrings, the matching rings,” she continues. “I didn’t know. Who was going to tell me? Who?” she concluded.

@mandy.willardd who was going to tell me this…. @TJ Maxx #tjmaxx #tjmaxxfinds #fyp #jewelry ♬ original sound – Mandy

The Daily Dot reached out to Mandy via Instagram direct message as well as T.J. Maxx via press email. Her video garnered over 178,000 views. However, some viewers who were already in on the secret wanted to gatekeep the T.J. Maxx jewelry.

“Girl… shhhh!!” one viewer wrote.

“Girl don’t be too loud!!” a second agreed.

A TikToker who used to work at T.J. Maxx said that the jewelry case “was always OVER FLOWING w those van cleef look alikes.”

Others complimenter T.J. Maxx’s jewelry, saying it’s good quality.

“Yesss I buy their jewelry all the time and it’s good quality for the price,” one user commented.

“I only wear Tj Maxx jewelry and never have any issues!” a second stated.

Is the jewelry at T.J. Maxx authentic?

According to its website, T.J. Maxx claims it does sometimes sell real gold and diamonds. Shoppers can also find jewelry knockoffs, such as Van Cleef and Rachel Zoe dupes, there. The way T.J. Maxx can sell designer brands at a way cheaper-than-their-retail price is by buying the surplus inventory from companies.

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