The many different types of Thursday memes

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The many different types of Thursday memes

It's not Friday, but it's close enough, right?


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Nov 23, 2023

It’s Thursday! Finally, the worst of the work week is over and you’re officially allowed to start daydreaming about your weekend plans. Whether you call it Friday Eve or just plain old Thursday, this day of the week doesn’t get the love it deserves. Happily, there are Thursday memes to correct that injustice.

Sure it’s not the last day of the week, but it finally brings hope for the weekend and, usually, ushers the weekly after-work happy hour. Here’s a look at some of the better memes dedicated to Thursday. that will have you giggling until it’s time to clock out for the weekend.

‘Thursday the 20th’ meme

This meme refers to a scene from The Simpsons’ Season 16 Episode 9 “Pranksta Rap,” in which a character appears wearing a “Thursday the 20th” necklace. A screenshot of the character began to circulate on Blogspot, after which it circulated on Reddit and eventually Tumblr. Users post the meme whenever the 20th day of the month falls on a Thursday. 

‘Out of Touch Thursday’ meme

“Out of Touch” is a Hall & Oates song that received the meme treatment after it was used as a tag for a video on Tumblr in 2019. The meme then migrated over to Twitter and Instagram, where users also began making fan art of the video. 

‘Feliz Jueves’ meme

This meme is a GIF of Neon Genesis Evangelion character Asuka Langley running towards the camera and wishing the viewer a happy Thursday. In 2018, the Facebook page Mi Lugar Favorito posted a video with the caption, “Vengo Corriendo Que Quiero Ser La Primera Persona En Desearte un Feliz Jueves!!!” In English, this roughly translates to “I Come Running ’cause I Wanna Be The First Person To Wish You A Happy Thursday!!!”

The meme has been shortened to “Feliz Jueves,” but continues to be widely used, especially among Spanish-speaking communities.

Feliz y bendecido #Jueves😘💖🙏

Posted by Mi Lugar Favorito on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

‘Should I buy this on Thursday?’ meme

This meme is an image macro series that features an image of an item (usually McDonald’s) with the question, “Should I buy this on Thursday?” It started with a post from Instagram user @daddyknives, who uploaded an image of a McDonald’s burger with the question. 

The meme was reposted several times. Soon after, users were posting different iterations of the meme. Eventually, even McDonald’s got in on the joke when the brand’s verified Instagram account posted a version of the meme that replaced the words “buy this” with “post this.”

Though the middle of the week is always a challenging time (and Thursday still qualifies), we hope these memes will help lift your spirits and take you straight to Friday. Hang on tight; it’s the weekend soon.

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2023, 1:54 pm CST