Chipotle worker shares 'things customers do that we hate'

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‘The pointing when they’re (on) the phone happens so often’: Chipotle worker shares ‘things customers do that we hate’

‘This gave me ptsd I’m so glad I was able to leave this job.’


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A Chipotle worker is letting customers know what not to do when it comes to ordering their meals.

TikTok creator and Chipotle worker Amanda (@amanda___323)  recently posted a comedic video about “things customers do that we hate,” as the onscreen text reads. The video has more than 270,000 views.

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In the video, Amanda and a Chipotle coworker act out a few scenarios from customers that annoy them. First, when asked what they’d like, the “customer” reaches over the counter to point at the cilantro-lime rice and even mixes it up with the spoon for good measure.

“No way people do the first one … omg!” one person commented. Amanda replied, “We exaggerated it a little but they [for real] be pointing over the glass.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Amanda via TikTok and Chipotle via email. 

Elsewhere in the video, the “customer” ask for a burrito bowl, and instead of answering with what kind of rice to put in it, they request lettuce on the bottom. As Amanda points out in the skit, that’s a salad, and it’s on the menu.

Next, not-a-customer talks on the phone and doesn’t respond to Amanda’s greeting, instead aggressively and silently pointing to ingredients. Later, they change their mind about their taco order and request hard shells after Amanda’s already heated up the soft shells.

One commenter wrote, “That’s why I quit I couldn’t do it.”

“This gave me PTSD I’m so glad I was able to leave this job,” another commented.

“The pointing when they’re (on) the phone happens so often where I work,” a viewer chimed in. 

“The one on the phone!” someone else commented. “I would’ve raised my voice so mf fast. Get TF off the phone until it’s time to pay.”

“All of that for them to say I want a quesadilla,” another comment read.

In other recent Chipotle news: A customer called out the chain for not marking missing ingredients “out of stock” in the app, and another creator claimed they were served “rancid” guacamole.

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