Texas Roadhouse worker walks out mid-shift over bad management

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‘Did I walk out on a dinner rush? Sure did’: Texas Roadhouse worker walks out mid-shift over bad management

‘My face is still red because I’m so fucking livid right now.’


Phil West


Posted on May 1, 2023

A Texas Roadhouse worker claimed that she quit her role mid-shift after a customer reportedly talked down to her. 

In a nearly 3-minute TikTok, Emily Reeves (@emily_reeves0814) documented her grievances—both with the customer and the culture at her former place of employment. As of Monday afternoon, her video had over 118,000 views.

“Texas Roadhouse, I’m fucking done,” Reeves said. “You’re really going to pay servers $6 an hour and then have the audacity to come [and] accuse us of things that we supposedly did to a table without getting all the facts. … Are you serious?” 

She continued: “Long story short, I just walked out on a dinner rush. No fucks given. My face is still red because I’m so fucking livid right now.”

@emily_reeves0814 Don’t work for the Ballwin location unless you like being walked all over and disrespected 😘 #fyp #walkout #quit #disrespectful ♬ original sound – emily reeves🤍

Reeves claimed that her manager accused her of slamming a drink on a table and “not ringing in somebody’s fucking salad.” A lengthy diatribe followed in which she essentially said that she’ll match customers’ attitude—a sentiment that she supposedly learned through her superiors at the restaurant chain. 

“[The customer] had the audacity to say, ‘You’re not going to have an attitude with me. We’re not going to do that,’” Reeves recalled. “And I looked her in the eye and I said, ‘Bye.’ And I walked out.” 

After leaving, Reeves said that a Texas Roadhouse superior apparently tried to chase her down. But Reeves said she gave him “the bird” as she drove off. 

“He’s talked down to me like I’m a dog so many times just in the three months that I’ve been there,” she said. “They think that … they get to talk to us however they fucking want? Well, I just proved tonight that you don’t get to. You fucked with the wrong bitch.” 

Reeves, who said she worked out of a St. Louis-area Texas Roadhouse location, added that she’s not going to get paid less than minimum wage to “be talked to like I’m a piece of trash, and then bust my ass for ungrateful-ass people.”

A number of viewers applauded Reeves’s decision to leave, with many saying that she didn’t deserve that type of treatment—both from the customer and her manager.

“Good for you,” wrote one commenter. “Fk that location.”

“I bet this felt so good to speak your mind to a business that didn’t care about you and treated you badly,” another said. “You go, girl.”

Not everyone took Reeves’s side, however. Some commenters chided her for how she handled the interaction and subsequent aftermath.

“If you acted like that, you should have been fired,” wrote another commenter. “Wow! Just wow! Now on the do not hire list.” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Reeves via TikTok comment and Texas Roadhouse by email.

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*First Published: May 1, 2023, 3:44 pm CDT